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A Hap Hap Happy New Year 2010

Wishing you all a wonderful New Year 2010. May all your wishes come true and your life is filled with health and Happiness. Take care and see you all in the New Year. Till that time, 'Aal Izz Well'

Leaping Lizards

In a recently conducted survey by 'The sanity of women' Foundation, it has been concluded that 'House Lizards' have again topped the list beating 'Cockroaches' as the top ranking pests to scare the living daylights of women, worldwide. The survey was carried out by an independent consultant associated with 'Lazy Pineapple'. The survey was conducted when it was found that a phenomenal number of women and some men turned temporarily insane at the sight of a Lizard, crawling on the wall of their homes. Though, the number of men was significantly low, they comprised of nearly 20% of the sample population. I had always been intrigued by the creature called 'House lizard'.This unpredictable reptile has been my middle sister's nemesis from when she was a moppet. I remember her practically jumping out of her skin at the sight of 'lizzy' on a far off wall. She still has a the same hate relationship with the creature. It used to amuse me to se

And it's a 100

I hit a Century with this post. (Imagine, I am taking a bow to your thunderous clapping) A big thanks to all the Readers who so valiantly have still stuck around since the start of this Blog. A big welcome to new Readers. This blog started off as a whim. It has now become an outlet for my thoughts and emotions. I am very happy and surprised that I have authored 100 stories. Posts which have topics ranging from Tiger conservation, movie reviews and personal life. I look forward to writing the next 100 with equal gusto for which I will need your continued readership, comments and motivation. Thank you once again.

Haagen Daz- A bitter aftertaste

There is a big uproar in the online media about Haagen Dazs brand of Ice cream committing a terrible Faux- Pas during the launch of their outlet in Delhi. They have stated it as a teaser campaign. Have a look at this picture and things will be clear why Indians have their panties in knots. It's a franchisee owned by an Indian Company and it's opening an outlet in India. It means they want to sell the product to Indians, Right??? The 'Access restricted only to holders of International Passports' part kuch jama nahi. I really wonder about the advertising agency that made this poster and the people in marketing department of Haagen Daz, who approved this poster. This is a blatant insult and racial discrimination done by Indians to Indians. As if, we already do not face that in other countries. We now say that 'India is a happening Place' then why do we feel like a second grade citizen in our own country. Does it mean that a person with a International Passport is s

Things that made me go, Huh?

When you are a kid, a lot of things remain unexplained and you are just left with lots of questions in your mind. You try to make sense of them on your own. Some mysteries get solved, when a older sibling obliges you with their vast intelligence (at that age, you think everyone is a genius). Other mysteries get solved as you grow older and some linger on till you forget about them. As a kid, TV became the biggest source of unexplained things. Ads and movies sometimes were not what they seemed. Let me explain it to you at length. 1) Condom Ads: I came to know of, what a condom is, much later in life compared to today's generation of kids. Hey! now forget the picture of 'Condom' in your head and now picture a scene where a family is sitting down to watch 'Hum Log' , baccha company an all and suddenly a 'Nirodh' ad comes on TV, the reactions of all members should be noted carefully. My family excepting me, suddenly used to become busy with what-nots. My fathe

Scrooge or a Confused Hindu?

Please find below a Guest post from my friend ' Radhika '. She has a funny bone and I bet you will be tickled silly with the below Blog post . Christmas in America is the single most frustrating event of the year for me. I love the lights and the feel good movies on TV as much as the next person, but Christmas in America confuses the hell out of me. Since all my education in India was in a Catholic establishment, Christmas was about the nativity play, cake on the last day of school, before holidays began, getting bebinkas and cakes from Christian friends(kind of a thank you for the Diwali Besan Ladoos I gave them) etc, etc. In short it was about Christianity, the birth of Jesus, the three wise men , the star and so on. Cut to 17 years later in America. Arguably, the most conservative nation in the western hemisphere, where every 4 years politicians are out to prove what good Christians they are, where you could win or lose the presidency depending on your Good Christian quot

DawG Days

Yesterday, while going for a quick visit to friends in neighboring town, I saw many people out walking their dogs. All walked/trotted peacefully with their human companions. I remember that all my walks with my canine companion were disastrous, just like tug of war with both of us vying to win the top post. Exceptions to this were the first few months when 'Buddy' was still a clumsy puppy. I had an upper hand then and could lead him where I wished to go with just a slight tug of my wrist. Within a few months, things dramatically changed and the balance of power tipped on his side. In spite of being a superior(That is what I was made to believe) being with two arms to perform any complex task, I was unable to be the ultimate victor in this war. His powerful neck was capable of dragging me in any-which direction as he wanted. Our walks used to start off fairly routine with me walking and talking calmly as a rational human being, belying the sudden dramatic change in events to h

Bored with Boredom

Define Fun? Can you ? I am so bored at this point that FUN has become 'Fantastically Uninteresting Notion'. No wonder the posts are not being updated regularly on this blog. Have you ever been bored so much that you thought life was just a blur of picture frames and you wanted to pull your hair out? Well, I am not so desperate yet, but going there at warp speed. I am too old for dressing up and going clubbing and pubbing on weekdays and weekends. Old for getting sloshed and waking up with a massive hangover. And too young for being a grumpy old woman, sitting in warm woollen booties and talking of the good old days. I feel like a misfit these days. Some of my friends are a decade younger and in their mid twenties and those about my age, are busy with families and kids to give me the time of the day. The younger friends are caught up in partying, work, boyfriends and having a good time. I get along very well with younger friends. I can actually still identify with them on some

Why I hate Shopping!!!

Hey! I don't mean that literally. It was just a ruse to grab your attention. Plus, I don't want to disappoint those people, specially men, who like to package women into stereotypes . For instance, how much women talk and shop, how they want their husbands to change after marriage and such other nonsense. Bah!!! I love shopping. To be more explicit, I love shopping when I get to buy stuff for myself (I can feel the negative vibes people). I don't mind being the go along person too....remember the don't mind part. My idea of shopping is to go and make quick decisions and buy what you want quickly. I am not so much of a fan of endless shop hopping for e.g. a dress ,that is the exact shade of 'Mauve' that will go with my Nail Varnish types. I hope you get my drift. I call such people Pain-in-the Ass-Shoppers (PITAS). And god knows why, I am surrounded by people like that. My eldest bro-in-law and sister are both fanatic about shopping and are complete PITAS. I rem

Tum Mile - A Sensible Movie

After watching a spate of rotten and over hyped movies like 'Ajab Prem ki Gazab Kahani', which should have been named 'Ajab Kahani' and the Saifeena starrer 'Kurbaan', I was really skeptical while watching 'Tum Mile'. The movie starring Emraan smoochie hashmi and Soha Ali Khan turned out be surprisingly sensible. Set against the backdrop of Mumbai floods of 2005, the movie is out an out a romantic movie. People who go to watch it expecting it to be about nature's fury, will come out disappointed. Go watch the angrezi movie ' 2012' if you want to see large scale destruction (I found that movie too predictable and was actually trying to stay awake). Even though I am not a big fan of Emraan Hashmi, his performance was super. He is quite restrained and mature in the movie. Soha was always a good actor but she always ends up picking the wrong movies. This movie gave her a lot of screen time to show her acting talent. The chemistry between the two

Conversion Phobia

I clearly remember our first day in foreign land. Hubs and I were waiting at Heathrow for our connecting flight to Manchester. After a exhausting flight, some water and a cup of coffee was in order. That was the first time we transacted in Pounds. In India, there is only one type of bottled water i.e. mineral water or 'Bisleri', a generic term used for any bottled water. After having collided with a rows of neatly stacked bottles of various names and shapes at the airport lounge, I committed a faux pas by picking up a bottle labeled 'Sparkling Water'. The name suggested water and that's what we wanted. It turned out to be fizzy water and with a heavy heart we had to buy another bottle of Water. This time though the bottle was scrutinized thoroughly to avoid making another error. It was quite painful to pay a lot of money for a teeny bottle of water. I could hear my brain whir, quickly converting the amount paid in pounds to Rupees and calculating the cost of bottle

What Ho? What Ho?What Ho?

Sorry for being AWOL for a longish period. I had been undergoing Wodehouse Mania for some time. Ardent fans of this renowned author 'Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse' would have easily grasped the title of my Post. ' YouTube ' has an excellent collection of 'Jeeves and Wooster' Series. For those blighters who are still unaware of what I am talking about here is a peek.. Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry have played the characters of 'Bertram Wooster' the upper class twit and 'Jeeves' his intellectually brilliant Valet with aplomb. I have been reading P.G.Wodehouse books since my school days and they still invoke laughter in me even after having read them for the nth time. He had such a wonderfully funny language. And he named his characters with ridiculous names like 'Gussie Finknottle ' , ' Tuppie Glossop ' and ' Chuffy Chuffnell '. Though Wodehouse has written about a lot of characters, 'Jeeves and Wooster' have al

Fair maidens or plain slobs?

To most people, I come across as a calm, collected and level headed person. My childhood and college friends know me as a very different person . I was notorious in my neighbourhood as a gang leader of kids. I was a fair leader, broke up fights, and introduced new games. I always had the passion for directing plays and even script writing. I made all my young friends perform in the plays I wrote. Unfortunately, the only bit of direction I now do is, 'try' to make Hubs do the dishes (mostly things don't work as per my script now). I stepped out of my hometown after my graduation and moved to another city for my post graduation. That was my first taste of freedom and I managed to have a good time in spite of my elder sister watching my every move. After graduation, I moved to another city for my first job. Soon I came back licking my wounds after having been made redundant after the crash in my first job. Soon after, I started living in an apartment shared by six othe

Wake up Sid- A Movie Review

I saw this movie last week. It’s such a rare experience for me to watch a Hindi Movie in a cinema. Most of the times I am left with watching grainy prints on the web trying to decipher the faces of actors. The movie revolves round a character called 'Sid' played by Ranbir Kapoor. In short, he is a spoilt brat whose father has sacrificed and worked hard and is now loaded with money. Sid is oblivious of the hardships his parents had faced and is completely pampered by his mother and father. His life revolves round his friends a geeky guy and an overweight girl. He spends his time loafing around and blowing cash. He meets a girl called 'Aisha' played by Konkona Sen-sharma at the college farewell party. They become friends in spite of having nothing in common. Aisha is new in Mumbai and is here from Kolkata to become a professional writer. She is older than Sid and is mature. She finds Sid as immature and without any aim in life. Sid is good hearted kid who has lost his wa

Highway Glory

It started as a usual lazy Sunday morning. Getting up late and having breakfast at a leisurely pace. I was trawling the Internet looking for entertainment and found that 'Wake up Sid' the new Bollywood movie was running at a cinema in a nearby town. Anytime we want to watch a Hindi movie, we have to drive to another town which has more of a Hindi speaking population. This time it turned out to be a town called 'Blackburn', around 35 miles from where we live. We made it to the movie and found that there were only two other people besides us to see the movie. After the movie, we decided to head to another town called 'Bolton' another 12 miles from 'Blackburn'. My boss owns an amazing restaurant called 'Sizzling Palate' in Bolton. After having skipped lunch, I was looking forward to a well deserved Sizzler. Working for the boss does have some privileges. Hubs and I were bombarded with special treatment and yummy food. Never have I tasted such delici

To Catch a Thief

This was one of the two nerve-wracking incidents that still gives me the heebie-jeebies whenever I flashback to that day. It was the same apartment with the water issue that I had mentioned in my earlier post. One fine day, I had stepped out in the afternoon for a few hours in search of gainful employment. Hubby having left early in the morning, the apartment was left to amuse itself. As usual I had locked the door with a heavy brass lock from the trusty 'Godrej' brand and had left with my mind on more important things. I came to the apartment with its door ajar and I thought I must have forgotten to lock it... one step inside our bedroom and my whole world came crashing down. Both the hand me down cupboards were ransacked and our beds were littered with our entire possessions. The thief had broken into our stash of gold trinkets and that too he had forced the doors open with a pair of steel tongs from my own kitchen. With shaking hands I had called up hubs and he in turn had

Punch Drunk on Water

As I wrote in my previous post, Hubs and I have moved to a lot of different cities and houses for the past 10 years. Our first move was to a city called ' Pune ' in Western India to a one bedroom apartment owned by one of hubs aunts. Being on a frugal income and me being unemployed, we had to adjust in a very limited budget. It meant being without a refrigerator, television or any decent furniture. The apartment was comfortable but it had a very peculiar and exasperating factor, Water !!! Every apartment used to get water supply for exactly 20 minutes for the entire day. This water was to be used for bathing, washing clothes and flushing the loo etc.. The water pump started at unearthly hours every morning, which meant getting up and making sure that every pot and pan, tub & bucket in the house was filled to its brim with water, which would then be sparingly used for the entire day. Everyday without fail at that unearthly hour, I would manage to rub sleep from my eyes and

Close to my heart

Hubby and I will be celebrating our 10th Wedding anniversary this December. It has been a ride full of ups and downs, exploring new cities each year ( hubby had a transferable job), new people to meet , settle down for a brief period and to be uprooted again. I tagged along, albeit with a bit of screaming and cussing. In spite of moving to different cities, the quintessential nature of an Indian has remained the same. An Indian by nature is an inquisitive person and the intrinsic good nature can be perceived as being nosy. They will never falter while asking you about extremely personal things, right from your salary to your relationship with your in-laws. There is no malice in the way the way we Indians shoot straight questions without missing a beat. Its just a way of showing concern and making the other person feel comfortable. Sometimes this well practiced art of shooting straight questions can be extremely annoying. Countless number of times I have been at the wrong side of this

Misleading Mannequins

My everyday walk to work takes me through the High street in Lancaster. The street is lined by shops selling branded clothes. Each of them have a display window displaying , dressed up mannequins. Are these shops selling a dream or merely making us depressed. You ask me why depressed?? Oh I promise, I have never ever been envious of any inanimate objects in my life to be termed as loony. But then why do I have this sudden desire to smash the display window and wring the necks of these wooden people ermmm... actually break it with an axe? Before you think I've gone totally mad... let me take some deep breaths...and continue Next time you are out shopping...please do observe a mannequin. The slender figure, the perfect body...the perfect wonder any outfit looks amazing on it. The same dress will make you look like a sack of potatoes. If you will see all about you, you will very rarely find women with the perfect curves. All of us have unwanted curves and the curves we ha


I overheard this in the post office the other day. A 20 something girl was telling the guy at the counter. ' Oh you know my Hubby sent an amazing bouquet of flowers to me at the office. It was such a surprise . There was also a note there " I bet this will put a smile on your face". How romantic I must say...

My post was selected by Blogadda

Hi guys.... A bit of news I forgot to post I received this last month :) This was for my post 911? Congratulations! Your post has been selected by BlogAdda as one of the top posts for this week's 'Tangy Tuesday Picks'. Here is the link where your amazing post has been featured http://blog. blogadda .com/2009/ 07/28/blogaddas-tangy-tuesday- picks-jul-28-09 BlogAdda has started 'Tangy Tuesdays' and 'Spicy Saturdays' where BlogAdda picks up good posts from Indian blogosphere and serves it to the readers on tuesdays and saturdays. This way, good posts are acknowledged and readers get to read quality content. I am so glad that my post was selected. Thanks to Blogadda for choosing me(ear to ear grin).

Back on Track!!

Hello fellas and fellis.... Looking at the comments on my blog...not many people missed me...alas that's the bitter truth of life... Although I am quite happy with the hit counter and the speed with which its increasing....(My new mantra...stop being bitter and see the silver lining and all that crap spewed by my friends and well-wishers and Moi as well) I will not let this renewed enthusiasm to write the nonsense I write, die down so easily. I was dealing with the silent killer for a few days, 'stress' as the guys in white-coats put it. The thing about it just creeps on you without a sign of warning. I am sure all of us handle it in everyday life in some form or other. I was working at a extremely stressful place for nearly a year and recently quit that job. That is the start of all the positive things I want to bring back in my life. Mind is such a weird thing....if you are happy everything looks wonderful...even a cloudy morning whereas even a sunny day spells do

Tag 'o' Mania

Amit tagged me recently and I thought this as a good way to put up something on my blog after ages. Here it is A.Attached or Single? Attached and very Happily B. Best Friend? Very many good friends... C: Cake or pie? Cake it is D. Drink of choice? Water or Orange Juice. E. Essential item you use every day? Laptop and mobile. F. Favorite color? Red G. Gummy bears or worms? Neither.:) H. Hometown? Nagpur- The orange city I. Favorite indulgence? Reading and watching movies J. January or July? January when in India. July since I am in UK. K. Kids & their names? None so far. L. Life isn ’t complete without? Family and friends, good food, good books and travelling to new places. M. Marriage date? Dec'99 N.Number of Siblings? 2 older sisters O. Oranges or Apples? Oranges and more oranges. P. Phobias? Dirty Restrooms. Q. Quotes? 'Whatever Happens, Happens for the best' R. Reasons to smile? a good joke. S. Season? The winters in India and the summer in UK. T. Tag people: Anyone


I have recently started watching a Hindi TV series called Ladies Special. I like it cause its refreshingly realistic compared to other sagas dished out these days. It is a story of four women who are travel together in a train called 'Ladies Special' in Mumbai. It revolves around their day-to-day lives and issues faced by them. One of the protagonists is 'Pooja' who is married to a guy who is evil personified. He constantly keeps a watch on her and is abusive to her physically and mentally. In spite of being educated and earning well, he is very mean and cruel and uses his physical strength to control her. I have a friend who is going through a similar situation. The worst part is she is in USA without a support system of family and friends. SHe comes from a middle class family with parents who are retired and an elder sister who is also facing problems in her marriage. Not being financially independent has added to her woes and in spite of knowing the risks, she has de

Papa kehte hain

Its said that 'Most girls want to marry a guy just like their father'. That says so much about Dads. 'Fathers Day' gives me the chance to say thanks to my father. My dad is the strong silent types. Anyone who meets him for the first time will get slightly intimidated because of his quietness. He is bad at making conversation and sometimes can sit alone for hours together lost in his thoughts. Very people know about his funny bone and the laugh which comes from the bottom of his soul when he finds something amusing I remember my childhood days, he used to teach me maths which was a dreaded subject and encouraged me to follow my dreams and passions. He gladly funded my different hobbies be it my painting classes, guitar classes or joining a book library in summer holidays. He very enthusiastically enjoyed, my initial experiments with cooking. He always appreciated the food I made, which was mostly unpalatable and sometimes undercooked(Which even I could not eat myself).

The Mad AD world

Its no fun sitting in front of the idiot box after coming to UK. In India, I used to switch channels whenever any ads featured between programmes. But now I miss them so much. Here the same boring ads for debt cancellation, Injury claim and some travel companies run over and over again in the same dry tone. I find Indian ads so much more entertaining and lively. There is colour and music and a sentiment added to selling of the product. Who can forget the old ads that became so famous. Here are a few of my favourite old ads. 1) The twirling girl of Nirma Washing Powder 2) Lalitaji and the ' Dhoondhte Reh jaooge ' campaign surf campaign. 3) Jab main chota Baccha tha - Bajaj Bulbs 4) ' Buland bharat ki buland tasveer ' - Humara Bajaj 5) 'I Love u Rasna ' 6) Vicks ki goli lo Khich khich door karo 7) Lime and lemony Limca 8) Kuch khaas hai hum sabhi mein ... Kuch swad hai .... kya swad hai zindagi mein - Cadburys dairy milk 9) Jalebi ad

When times are tough, the tough get going!!!

I got this video clip from 'Zeeshan' who wanted to motivate me . I dedicate this clip to all my friends and people who are fighting to survive in today's times. For some its an everyday fight to just survive. I am sure most of us will remember this time in future and take it as a test of determination and patience and above all HOPE. Let not Hope be lost. As Winston Churchill said : The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

Magical Parenting

I have the privilege of being an aunt to 1 niece and 2 nephews. One of them has already surpassed me in the height department ages ago and is on the brink of arming himself with a razor to mow the barely sprouted undergrowth under his nose. He is the only son of my eldest sister. The other two chipmunks are twin kids of my middle sister. Both A (Girl) & B (Boy) have just been potty trained and are on the category of ' I can express my feelings in words now' age. Though I met them when they were tiny bundles, I do get regular updates from my sister about their latest antics. After a recent update from her I got to know 'What all parents do to fool a child into eating his/her food'. Here is how it went... 'A' was refusing to eat her food so her dad 'D' said D: If you taste this new dish mom made, you can speak to 'Princess Snow white'. Skeptical though she was 'A' relented and finished her food. So my sis and Bro-In-law decided to call

Its raining 'creativity'

As you all know I recently moved my blog to my own domain name. When I decided to do that I went through a really exhausting time deciding which template to use and how could I make my blog look nice and appealing. While surfing on the internet I came across really amazing and absolutely brilliant designers who are letting people use their templates for free. I would like to acknowledge their work in this post and thank them for their hard work and creativity and letting me use their stuff for free. My blog template is from ' Template Mama' and the cute Comments Blinkie and the other colourful buttons are from another Creative lady called 'April Showers' . Friends do visit these blogs and have a look at the wonderful assortment of Templates and accessories you can use to decorate your blog. Happy Hunting!!

Hobby Horse

Since childhood my parents were very particular that all of us (Me and my two elder sisters) had a wide spectrum of choices in the arts and crafts field. They let us follow our creative pursuits and explore our natural talent. As far as I can remember I have attended 'Kathak Classes' (Indian Classical dance), Singing lessons, drawing and painting, Judo and Karate, Guitar Classes. The dance classes fizzled out after the excitement of one summer. There was a hobby class near our house and mom diligently took us to all the lessons. She also bought us a pair of 'Ghungroos'(Musical anklets...I really don't know the English version). The fun part was to tie them to our legs and make as much noise we can rather than actually practicing the steps. My music lessons died a horrible death. I was in grade 6Th and my mom took us to a renowned singer who stayed close by. My good friend 'M' also joined the class with us. There were many other girls with us including one wh

Welcome to my new address

Dear Friends, Welcome to my new destination on the internet. I recently moved my blog to this new site You already know that since you are here. Why name your blog 'Lazy Pineapple' you might ask? Its funny ,wacky and different. And life is a gamble so isn't it apt to name it after a type of poker game. I hope you will give the same love and affection to this site as you gave to 'Musings of my Mind'. Do keep popping in, to say Hello and share your ideas and comments. I look forward to meeting you here.

Sometimes I sit and wonder

is it correct? The path I have taken. The life I am living, was it meant to be this way? Fate, destiny, luck are these just mere words? Or they really play a role in my life? Every Crossroad in life is a challenge. Is it there to mock me or make me what I am supposed to be? The road to peace and happiness is full of struggle. Will I have the spirit to reach my goal? Everyone says once you are grown up you have answers to questions. I have more questions than answers. Sometimes I sit and wonder .

The Saga of Designer Spectacles

It all began one day when I started getting a severe headache in spite of using my spectacles the whole day at work. In addition, the constant staring at the computer monitor was not helping much. Eventually I stopped wearing them for a couple of days and then concluded that either my visibility has increased or decreased. This conclusion needed to be checked out by having an eye test. Walking in town during my lunch break, my eyes fell upon a sign that said 'Free Eye Tests'. Nothing like 'Free' right? I rushed to the shop and booked an appointment. An ‘Optical Wear’ shop provided free eye tests. The catch was 'You had to buy your spectacles from them as they did not give you your test results'. I fell hook, line and sinker since I came to know of this only after I had completed the eye test. The 'Eye Test’ itself was routine. In India, I had my eye doctor who funnily enough went by the name ' Andhare ' which means 'darkness' in Marathi. I us

Till Death do us part

In spite of the title sounding so ominous most of you must have guessed. I am talking about marriage and that too specifically arranged marriages. Recently, a few of my friends have decided to venture on this well trodden path and the experiences that they shared with me prompted me into putting this post. Even though the trend is more towards love marriages now a days, there are many who go by the age old routine of getting hooked the traditional way. Parents of the prospective brides and grooms have become quite lenient with the 'Ladki/Ladka dekhna routine'. Gone are the days when, if the grooms family come to meet the family of prospective bride, the bride is not inspected as a piece of furniture or like a cattle whose qualities and virtues have to be spelled out in bold. Now, the girl and the boy are both given an opportunity to chat, go out and talk to each other at length to find out if their attitudes match and whether they like each other or not. Since the advent of In

Yey!!! I got my first blogging award

Thank you 'Sumit' for giving me this Award. This is my first blogging award and I am honoured (Taliyan). I would like to nominate this award to the following friends Kaustubh Amit Ayon Kaustubh is a good friend and to him I give this award for his Humorous writing style. Ayon is my ex-boss and now a blogging pal- I give him this award for his tips on Management and for his punch in the gut fiction writing. and to Amit who became a pal when I started blogging - I give this award to him for writing from the heart. Each of these people have their unique writing styles. Folks do go and have a look at their fabulous blogs.

Happy Mothers Day!!

Tommorow is 'Mothers Day' and I wanted to dedicate this post to my mother and many other wonderful mothers I know. My mother is a wonderful person. She is a chatter box and from her I got the quality of being a talkative person. She cooks amazing food and is a very good singer. She is a great mom and quite emotional even though she vehemently denies that accusation. I know that if she would have got a chance to follow her dreams, she would have been a very successful singer or a Master Chef. The choices were made for her and she like dutiful daughter and wife played by the rules. Even though she is emotional and soft when it comes to her daughters, at the core she is a strong person who has been with my father every step of the way for over 40 years. She has an immense reservoir of patience. I do wonder sometimes that did my mother get exasperated when I learnt to walk and eat? When I spilled something on my clothes or when I must have puked on her clothes. The endless hours

What should I name this post...?

Its one of those weeks when your mind is really sluggish and even the 'C' of creativity has abandoned you. You can actually guess that from the title of this post as to how bad my situation is. There also the guilt of not updating your blog hanging on your head. So my blogging pals be dears and tolerate this post of mine :). I racked my brains to bring out a funny post or even a serious one for that matter but, words are eluding me. Work wise life has been quite hectic for the past few weeks. For those who don't know me personally. I am doing 2 part time jobs in a week. At both places I work in accounts (Least of preferred job profiles by me). Though I had definitely worked longer hours in India but, the longer hours included gossiping with colleagues, catching up with friends on chat/phone and working as well. So, the stress of work did not make so much of an impact.Whereas here my nose is to the grind for 7.5 hours of the day. At one job I am the only employee so, inte

To lose friends and avoid people

There are times in your life when each one of us wanted to avoid certain category of people. We have actually taken efforts to run away from them and disappear. Here are a few people whom most of us tend to avoid. 1) MLM (Multi level Marketing) or the AMWAY person : I have been hounded by these people for so long, I became a pro at avoiding them really well. They are mostly your friends or acquaintances at one point of time. Once they join any MLM company with dreams of getting rich in a jiffy, there persona completely changes. Supercharged with the idea of spreading the riches around, they start roping in all the people they have ever met in their life with a wild frenzy to climb the MLM ladder. The poor suckers who get temporary blindness with rupee signs flashing in their eyes fall for it really hard. Whereas cynical and jaded people like 'yours truly' run as fast they can. When I was in college, this mad wave of people joining the company 'Amway' suddenly attacked

Games We played

I really pity today's generation of kids who really don't know what its like to go out and play with kids your own age. They lack social skills and most of them are either glued to the 'Idiot Box' or the computer to even explore their surroundings or discover new games. Oh this not a bitchy post but just an observation. I was chatting with my cousin and suddenly remembered the weird games we invented and had a gala time when we were growing up together. I grew up with a younger cousin(X) and a sister (Y) just a year older than me. My eldest sis (Z) is quite a bit older so was never interested in what we were up to. 'Y' was a mature and disciplined kid for her age and she expected her wayward and curious sibling (Moi) and her unruly cousin 'X' to behave and fall in line. She was a enthusiastic participant in our games in the beginning but eventually gave up when she saw that we were getting more innovative and adventurous in our games. These are a few g