Why I hate Shopping!!!

Hey! I don't mean that literally. It was just a ruse to grab your attention. Plus, I don't want to disappoint those people, specially men, who like to package women into stereotypes . For instance, how much women talk and shop, how they want their husbands to change after marriage and such other nonsense. Bah!!!

I love shopping. To be more explicit, I love shopping when I get to buy stuff for myself (I can feel the negative vibes people). I don't mind being the go along person too....remember the don't mind part. My idea of shopping is to go and make quick decisions and buy what you want quickly. I am not so much of a fan of endless shop hopping for e.g. a dress ,that is the exact shade of 'Mauve' that will go with my Nail Varnish types. I hope you get my drift. I call such people Pain-in-the Ass-Shoppers (PITAS).

And god knows why, I am surrounded by people like that. My eldest bro-in-law and sister are both fanatic about shopping and are complete PITAS. I remember going shopping with them one time 10 years ago and we must have visited all the shops on M.G. Road in Bangalore for one brown coloured trouser. How finicky can one be? After that experience I still get nervous jitters when I am invited as a go along person with them.

Another PITAS is my darling Hubs. He is a sweetheart, but going shopping with him to buy stuff puts a sudden urge in me to make a 100 metre dash and disappear. Just yesterday we went shopping for a new mobile handset for him. It started off with a innocent little trip to buy groceries and a visit to the bank. On the way, he gave me a casual, 'I just want to go and check the mobile deals' statement. I am a sucker for his sweet statements and I went along dutifully. The mobile deal version turned out to be a 4 hour walkathon in the biting cold. We walked and checked out deals in all the mobile shops. Finally, when I was about to pass out he finalised the deal and I gasped a sigh of relief. At the end of it my butt was numb from the cold and my legs were about to fall off. Hence the name Pain in the Ass shopper.

Another time it was to buy a Suit. I had picked out a suit within 5 minutes of entering the first shop. But as you now know he is a PITAS. We spent an entire day searching for one black suit and ultimately ended up buying the one which I had chosen the first time. At the end of the day, I was about to collapse. And I get to hear statements like 'You are selfish and don't like to shop with me'. How was I to be excited at the end of the day and also that none of the shopping was for me.

I believe shopping should be fun and not a chore. When its starts becoming a torture then its time to make a quick and painless exit. So, I hate Shopping.

P.S: Please call emergency number in case you don't hear from me soon. Hubs and my sister will be thirsty for my blood after they read this post.


  1. You nailed it on the head about our sis dear and BIL dear. I have vowed never to go shopping with them. Thanks but no thanks. And Ani is a PITA? I did not expect that. Uh! oh!!

  2. heheh oh yes completely...and now I am stuck with one :(

  3. :(

    I agree to what you mean to say by PITAS. But if finding the best deal and saving some money is being PITAS, I am happy to be one.

    And ohh yes.. dont forget when my sweet(?) wify asks me whether she should buy a blue dress or a red one.. I pick the red one and she HAS to buy buy the BLUE... Any acronym for this one????????

    Anyway, however flattering the post was... I must admit that it is very well narrated. 10/10

  4. I feel your pain Vinita! Most women friends are PITAS. :-)

  5. You have no idea how much I could identify with this. My dad is a PITAS (how weird is that)and we have a deal, when we go to the mall, we separate. I pick what I want and go to the other shops or the music store/book store and he thinks and thinks and then gives me a call and then I have to make a decision and thats it. No more discussions.

    Has worked so far!

  6. Ani: Oh I am all for finding the best deal :) pinching pennies is one of my forte if you have observed.

    And the blue dress, red dress thing well I will have blog post for that mystery :) and an acronym too...

    Thanks for taking it in the right spirit.

  7. Gayu : How true! and thanks for being in the same boat :)

    Psychedchick : Oh wow its good to know other women also feel the way I do. I thought I was the weird one. Good for you and hope your tactic works always. Thanks for dropping in :)

  8. ROTFL... PITAS, eh? I've lugged around truckloads of stuff for such folks, while they do the clothes-matching-the-nail-varnish bit. :|

  9. Sumit: Ohhh poor u...I sympathise with you cause I sure can understand.

  10. Hehe..good one.. I agree with you..and am glad not to be in the PITAS category !! :))

  11. aditi : Great!!! join my gang :)

  12. roflzz!! PITAS?! Really amusing! I really hate shopping. I do not know why - I think it is one activity where our involvement and interaction is the least. Hardly engaging!

    Your post might change my point of view to some extent but the bottom line is - Shopping is good when it is not a chore but an enjoyable activity. And it always isn't so! (Specially when buying stuff for someone else ;) )

  13. Mainak: Thanks for stopping by. Yeah!! I love shopping but when its just for me :)


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