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Hello There

Let me reintroduce myself, I am Vinita aka Lazy Pineapple. I thought the introduction was necessary since I have not posted in a long time. How have you all been? what's new in the blogging world? I have loads to catch up on and loads to share with you too. Life has been quite hectic since I have come back to India last year. It is one year since I been back and life has been moving at a break neck speed. I managed to co-author a book, underwent a surgery and started my own content writing company. I have already shared the details of the book with you in my previous posts. As for the surgical procedure, it was not life threatening but was routine only that I had to go under general anesthesia which freaked me out. Before the procedure I suddenly remembered all Robin Cook's books and people dying while getting operated. But I am in one piece and well. I started my own content writing company 'Write Solutions' and have one employee at the moment and that is me :)