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Fair and lovely...

In my search for the perfect body lotion I came across shelf upon shelf of body lotions which maintain your perfect tan and tanning lotions which help you tan.Well again at the cost of repeating myself I will say "Summers here" in UK. The campus is converted into a beach where semi naked bodies are lying down in the sun .Its like the entire University is in a picnic mood. Well back home in "good ole India" we run for cover from the blazing sun not to get tanned. All the beauty regimes definitely include how to get rid of that ugly tan . Where as the Sun heats up, we can see our feet bearing the design of our footwear . Its kind of ironic to see the fair skinned "Firangs" wanting our skin shade "BROWN" (as Russel Peters likes to call) and us trying desperate measures to look fairer. How could I miss talking about the beauty cream "Fair and lovely" . I personally feel that the product should be banned from the market. It actually promote

What the F*** !!!!!

That is exactly my state of mind right now...since its my blog I am allowed freedom of expression... When you are in a very bad mood that is all you can say..... Well for starters a very good friend of mine dumped me...(I know that boyfriends dump you and not friends) but most of us don't realize that they dump you when they don't want to be in touch anymore....and your attempts to revive that bond falls flat on your face... Just like in a romantic relationship you are left wondering what did you do wrong? Is it something you did or said that lead to this situation. Most of the times the so called friends just drift away because life takes us all in different directions.There is no more common ground on which you can meet or have fun together.But you still manage to hang on to a few close friends and try to be in touch with them as much as you can and not let geographical distance be an issue. But again the same thing happens and then you really start doubting yourself all over

The growing pains....

I was recently reading my friends blog and he had written something about being an adult...that got me thinking of my teenage years...and time spent with my sisters and my younger cousin.... I have 2 elder sisters...hang on...I am not a pampered brat or something...though I am sure my sisters will disagree on this.... I had a very volatile relation with my elder sister who is just a year older (and I guess the remnants are still there)and more of a stable and "I revere her" types with my eldest who is seven years older. My younger cousin was more there for me to bully around and also be my good confidante in all the naughty things that I planned. Though I was never a kid who loved to destroy stuff and make other peoples lives miserable , in my middle sister's terms (Lets call her 'A') I was a kid who deserved some strong words every time I did something wrong.....which I actually thought was fun... I still clearly remember my first experience of stepping into teen

Of Buttcracks and Cleavages

I travel by bus everyday to work.It gives me an opportunity to observe people without being too obvious. The latest fad in fashion is the "low waist jeans". I always think whether its more of a fashion disaster. Everybody is wearing it from fat to skinny..tall to short... The low waist jeans has shown me some unsightly views and unchartered territories. Not to sound too retro and conservative,was it not enough that showing the cleavage was considered fine that we are now happily showing our other cleavage as well. Just yesterday I saw a young mother with her 2 friends get in the bus. She was not skinny but quite well endowed and wearing a LWJ (Low waist jeans ) plus no belt to hold it up. It was quite an ordeal for everybody to see her sitting down . Its fine if fashion models wear it cause they make it look good .Also people who can carry it without showing their backside to the entire world. On an average I get to see at least 5-10 butt cracks everyday and I think my cup

Super Size Me

I've never met a women friend who will miss a chance to go shopping even if its window shopping.The high and thrill of drooling over new shoes and clothes and bags is akin to taking ecstasy (I've only read about it....) I am a self confessed window shopper....I love it...I also love buying new outfits... The only problem comes when I am out shopping with a skinny friend....well uhmmm I am not anywhere in that category.....I become pretty self conscious during those times and to top it all most of the stores forget that fat people oops....overweight people can have a sense of fashion too. I am sure most of my soul sisters know what I am talking about... I guess this is the story at least in my country...India....Americans might care to dispute... You browse through racks and racks of wonderful clothes and none of them fit you...its quite frustrating and disappointing just like when you come to know you've not passed in a particular test even if you are sure you've stud