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Sometimes I sit and wonder

is it correct? The path I have taken. The life I am living, was it meant to be this way? Fate, destiny, luck are these just mere words? Or they really play a role in my life? Every Crossroad in life is a challenge. Is it there to mock me or make me what I am supposed to be? The road to peace and happiness is full of struggle. Will I have the spirit to reach my goal? Everyone says once you are grown up you have answers to questions. I have more questions than answers. Sometimes I sit and wonder .

The Saga of Designer Spectacles

It all began one day when I started getting a severe headache in spite of using my spectacles the whole day at work. In addition, the constant staring at the computer monitor was not helping much. Eventually I stopped wearing them for a couple of days and then concluded that either my visibility has increased or decreased. This conclusion needed to be checked out by having an eye test. Walking in town during my lunch break, my eyes fell upon a sign that said 'Free Eye Tests'. Nothing like 'Free' right? I rushed to the shop and booked an appointment. An ‘Optical Wear’ shop provided free eye tests. The catch was 'You had to buy your spectacles from them as they did not give you your test results'. I fell hook, line and sinker since I came to know of this only after I had completed the eye test. The 'Eye Test’ itself was routine. In India, I had my eye doctor who funnily enough went by the name ' Andhare ' which means 'darkness' in Marathi. I us

Till Death do us part

In spite of the title sounding so ominous most of you must have guessed. I am talking about marriage and that too specifically arranged marriages. Recently, a few of my friends have decided to venture on this well trodden path and the experiences that they shared with me prompted me into putting this post. Even though the trend is more towards love marriages now a days, there are many who go by the age old routine of getting hooked the traditional way. Parents of the prospective brides and grooms have become quite lenient with the 'Ladki/Ladka dekhna routine'. Gone are the days when, if the grooms family come to meet the family of prospective bride, the bride is not inspected as a piece of furniture or like a cattle whose qualities and virtues have to be spelled out in bold. Now, the girl and the boy are both given an opportunity to chat, go out and talk to each other at length to find out if their attitudes match and whether they like each other or not. Since the advent of In

Yey!!! I got my first blogging award

Thank you 'Sumit' for giving me this Award. This is my first blogging award and I am honoured (Taliyan). I would like to nominate this award to the following friends Kaustubh Amit Ayon Kaustubh is a good friend and to him I give this award for his Humorous writing style. Ayon is my ex-boss and now a blogging pal- I give him this award for his tips on Management and for his punch in the gut fiction writing. and to Amit who became a pal when I started blogging - I give this award to him for writing from the heart. Each of these people have their unique writing styles. Folks do go and have a look at their fabulous blogs.

Happy Mothers Day!!

Tommorow is 'Mothers Day' and I wanted to dedicate this post to my mother and many other wonderful mothers I know. My mother is a wonderful person. She is a chatter box and from her I got the quality of being a talkative person. She cooks amazing food and is a very good singer. She is a great mom and quite emotional even though she vehemently denies that accusation. I know that if she would have got a chance to follow her dreams, she would have been a very successful singer or a Master Chef. The choices were made for her and she like dutiful daughter and wife played by the rules. Even though she is emotional and soft when it comes to her daughters, at the core she is a strong person who has been with my father every step of the way for over 40 years. She has an immense reservoir of patience. I do wonder sometimes that did my mother get exasperated when I learnt to walk and eat? When I spilled something on my clothes or when I must have puked on her clothes. The endless hours