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First of all  ‘Tons of Thanks’  to all you blogger friends out there who have still stuck on even after I have been on blogging hiatus for more than 3 months now. I had a valid reason guys, I let the ‘Cat out of the Bag’ in my last post. I was so touched by your wishes, it feels so good to be a part of a blogging community which is loving, kind and appreciative. My book was released on the 19th October in Nagpur. Published by Denett & Co., a Nagpur based publishing house. It was a an ecstatic moment for me, more so as I had never imagined that I would be writing a book in a span of two months after stepping off the shores of ‘The British Isles’. It was a dream which materialized after a chance meeting with my co-author ‘Ashutosh Shrivastava’ just three days after leaving Lancaster. In the beginning it all seemed too hard as I was not used to the weather in India. I had to shelve all the plans to meet up friends and family in India whom I had not met in three years. It needed a lo

Well, I'll be damned, finally, I am a published writer

I know, I know that I have been a bad girl and have completely disappeared from the blogging scene since past two months. Please forgive me for doing this disappearing act. Life dropped me smack on my bottom and I was busy trying to drag my ass towards normalcy. Your good wishes for a safe trip home really did wonders and I am loving it a lot in 'India'. Only thorn on my side is the weather in Nagpur which is merciless. I came back when the temperature was in the upper thirty in degree Celsius which was nearly 25 degrees above what I have been used to, for the past three years. You can very well imagine me slowly getting baked. Moving here from UK has been quite stressful with packing being the major pain in the ‘you know where’. Giving away all the stuff I had collected was the most difficult part. Each time I move I feel I leave behind a part of myself hidden in some corner of every house I ever lived. It is becoming difficult to let go of things, places, people and emo