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Life's Lessons

I have been missing from this space for nearly a year and a half, but hey! what to do, I was out living my life and learning valuable lessons along the way. I thought to share my life's lessons in a series of posts. Here's a list of 22 lessons that I've learnt in my journey from being a married woman to divorced woman, then single and now in a relationship person. Hope these help you look at life differently just as I have been able to. Don't judge yourself by what you see in the mirror. A mirror is just glass and you are so much more than that.  Life's lesson 24 Offer what you can. Show up for people and support them. Love people when they need it, unconditionally and unselfishly. Even when you think you can't, be kind. Show up for people. Because you would want someone one to show up for you when you are hurting. Life's Lesson 23 When you love someone for exactly who they are You will find out how quickly they transform and becom