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The Secret to Eternal Happiness Comes Down to This One Thing

Do you remember Po, the cuddly panda from the movie Kung Fu Panda? Let's recap a bit about the movie. In the movie, Po, a bumbling panda is chosen as the dragon warrior to fight an evil warrior, Tai Lung. His guru, Master Oogway trains him and even after being defeated by Tai Lung, Master Oogway gives Po the dragon scroll - which is sacred and full of wisdom. Upon receiving the scroll, Po finds out that its reflective surface has nothing on it. Po is disappointed that the scroll did not have the knowledge to make him a great warrior. He goes to his adoptive father and to console his son, he reveals to PO the secret ingredient for his noodle soup. He says, " The secret ingredient is nothing". He adds, " To make something special you have to believe it is special". Such simple lines, but one can have profound learning from it. Aren't we all looking for that special ingredient to make us happy? You won't be reading this article if y