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I was interviewed by "The Pioneer"

Hello, hello, hello!! It is been ages since I penned down something, not that I was having a writer's block. Work and more work has kept me busy and I am glad for that. The past few months have been quite stressful and work helped me not sit down and wallow in pity. Many people reached out to me after I wrote My experiments with infertility and Dealing with infertility.   Some got in touch via email, some via Facebook, and many others though the group I started on Facebook called "Aadhar". One day I get an email from the newspaper, "The Pioneer", asking me, whether I would be comfortable talking about my experience. Since I was always vocal about my experience with infertility, I had no qualms talking about it. I was interviewed over the telephone and the article was published on 2/2/2013. Here is the link to the article. The Baby Trap What are your thoughts after reading the article? Do let me know.