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To Catch a Thief

This was one of the two nerve-wracking incidents that still gives me the heebie-jeebies whenever I flashback to that day. It was the same apartment with the water issue that I had mentioned in my earlier post. One fine day, I had stepped out in the afternoon for a few hours in search of gainful employment. Hubby having left early in the morning, the apartment was left to amuse itself. As usual I had locked the door with a heavy brass lock from the trusty 'Godrej' brand and had left with my mind on more important things. I came to the apartment with its door ajar and I thought I must have forgotten to lock it... one step inside our bedroom and my whole world came crashing down. Both the hand me down cupboards were ransacked and our beds were littered with our entire possessions. The thief had broken into our stash of gold trinkets and that too he had forced the doors open with a pair of steel tongs from my own kitchen. With shaking hands I had called up hubs and he in turn had

Punch Drunk on Water

As I wrote in my previous post, Hubs and I have moved to a lot of different cities and houses for the past 10 years. Our first move was to a city called ' Pune ' in Western India to a one bedroom apartment owned by one of hubs aunts. Being on a frugal income and me being unemployed, we had to adjust in a very limited budget. It meant being without a refrigerator, television or any decent furniture. The apartment was comfortable but it had a very peculiar and exasperating factor, Water !!! Every apartment used to get water supply for exactly 20 minutes for the entire day. This water was to be used for bathing, washing clothes and flushing the loo etc.. The water pump started at unearthly hours every morning, which meant getting up and making sure that every pot and pan, tub & bucket in the house was filled to its brim with water, which would then be sparingly used for the entire day. Everyday without fail at that unearthly hour, I would manage to rub sleep from my eyes and

Close to my heart

Hubby and I will be celebrating our 10th Wedding anniversary this December. It has been a ride full of ups and downs, exploring new cities each year ( hubby had a transferable job), new people to meet , settle down for a brief period and to be uprooted again. I tagged along, albeit with a bit of screaming and cussing. In spite of moving to different cities, the quintessential nature of an Indian has remained the same. An Indian by nature is an inquisitive person and the intrinsic good nature can be perceived as being nosy. They will never falter while asking you about extremely personal things, right from your salary to your relationship with your in-laws. There is no malice in the way the way we Indians shoot straight questions without missing a beat. Its just a way of showing concern and making the other person feel comfortable. Sometimes this well practiced art of shooting straight questions can be extremely annoying. Countless number of times I have been at the wrong side of this

Misleading Mannequins

My everyday walk to work takes me through the High street in Lancaster. The street is lined by shops selling branded clothes. Each of them have a display window displaying , dressed up mannequins. Are these shops selling a dream or merely making us depressed. You ask me why depressed?? Oh I promise, I have never ever been envious of any inanimate objects in my life to be termed as loony. But then why do I have this sudden desire to smash the display window and wring the necks of these wooden people ermmm... actually break it with an axe? Before you think I've gone totally mad... let me take some deep breaths...and continue Next time you are out shopping...please do observe a mannequin. The slender figure, the perfect body...the perfect wonder any outfit looks amazing on it. The same dress will make you look like a sack of potatoes. If you will see all about you, you will very rarely find women with the perfect curves. All of us have unwanted curves and the curves we ha


I overheard this in the post office the other day. A 20 something girl was telling the guy at the counter. ' Oh you know my Hubby sent an amazing bouquet of flowers to me at the office. It was such a surprise . There was also a note there " I bet this will put a smile on your face". How romantic I must say...

My post was selected by Blogadda

Hi guys.... A bit of news I forgot to post I received this last month :) This was for my post 911? Congratulations! Your post has been selected by BlogAdda as one of the top posts for this week's 'Tangy Tuesday Picks'. Here is the link where your amazing post has been featured http://blog. blogadda .com/2009/ 07/28/blogaddas-tangy-tuesday- picks-jul-28-09 BlogAdda has started 'Tangy Tuesdays' and 'Spicy Saturdays' where BlogAdda picks up good posts from Indian blogosphere and serves it to the readers on tuesdays and saturdays. This way, good posts are acknowledged and readers get to read quality content. I am so glad that my post was selected. Thanks to Blogadda for choosing me(ear to ear grin).

Back on Track!!

Hello fellas and fellis.... Looking at the comments on my blog...not many people missed me...alas that's the bitter truth of life... Although I am quite happy with the hit counter and the speed with which its increasing....(My new mantra...stop being bitter and see the silver lining and all that crap spewed by my friends and well-wishers and Moi as well) I will not let this renewed enthusiasm to write the nonsense I write, die down so easily. I was dealing with the silent killer for a few days, 'stress' as the guys in white-coats put it. The thing about it just creeps on you without a sign of warning. I am sure all of us handle it in everyday life in some form or other. I was working at a extremely stressful place for nearly a year and recently quit that job. That is the start of all the positive things I want to bring back in my life. Mind is such a weird thing....if you are happy everything looks wonderful...even a cloudy morning whereas even a sunny day spells do