Misleading Mannequins

My everyday walk to work takes me through the High street in Lancaster. The street is lined by shops selling branded clothes. Each of them have a display window displaying , dressed up mannequins. Are these shops selling a dream or merely making us depressed.

You ask me why depressed?? Oh I promise, I have never ever been envious of any inanimate objects in my life to be termed as loony. But then why do I have this sudden desire to smash the display window and wring the necks of these wooden people ermmm... actually break it with an axe? Before you think I've gone totally mad... let me take some deep breaths...and continue

Next time you are out shopping...please do observe a mannequin. The slender figure, the perfect body...the perfect posture...no wonder any outfit looks amazing on it. The same dress will make you look like a sack of potatoes.

If you will see all about you, you will very rarely find women with the perfect curves. All of us have unwanted curves and the curves we have are all in the wrong place.

You will never find a mannequin with lumps and bumps like a living and breathing human. Also, in fashion shows the models are stick thin and we cannot look like her/him in reality. Have you ever seen a mannequin which might resemble an actual human perhaps??

Even after purchasing an outfit...one always feels dissatisfied after seeing the same dress draped on a mannequin. There is always that singular hope of looking as good in reality. The shops do mislead us into believing that a particular dress draped on a mannequin will look equally good on us too.

P.S: This is a out and out rant. People with model/ mannequin like figures please, do not get offended.


  1. Strange, I find a somewhat similar post here :-) Excessively Thin Mannequins?

    Actually manufacturers DO promote certain size so that they don't have to customize the clothes according to our needs. :-)

  2. Hehe..LP,please----stop feeling envious of mannequins..next,you might be dreaming like the guy in that song,where three mannequins come alive when he's robbing a clothes store..:)
    But,u know-that's why they have trial rooms in stores-so that you can see whether a dress fits you as well as it does the mannequin..:)(But,I've never been happy in a single trial room..hahaha)...AmitL

  3. Alka : Thanks for stopping by. But is'nt that weird. When half the population in the world is overweight. Its time manufacturers stop and think.

  4. Amit: Oh yes I have already had such dreams :)
    Trial rooms don't solve the question of a dress looking good on a mannequin and bad on you.

  5. He he he he he......God I get frustrated jus like dis for good skin n hair.....

  6. Hahaha, I didn't know there were enough posts around the blogosphere for us to begin a new Mannequin category..:) It's funny how with the same language and similar thoughts, the posts end up different..:) Enjoyed it..more like empathised with it...


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