To Catch a Thief

This was one of the two nerve-wracking incidents that still gives me the heebie-jeebies whenever I flashback to that day.

It was the same apartment with the water issue that I had mentioned in my earlier post.
One fine day, I had stepped out in the afternoon for a few hours in search of gainful employment. Hubby having left early in the morning, the apartment was left to amuse itself. As usual I had locked the door with a heavy brass lock from the trusty 'Godrej' brand and had left with my mind on more important things. I came to the apartment with its door ajar and I thought I must have forgotten to lock it... one step inside our bedroom and my whole world came crashing down.

Both the hand me down cupboards were ransacked and our beds were littered with our entire possessions. The thief had broken into our stash of gold trinkets and that too he had forced the doors open with a pair of steel tongs from my own kitchen. With shaking hands I had called up hubs and he in turn had informed the police. Within a few hours an Inspector and a hawaldar were at our doorstep. They did the initial assessment and found that the thief had run off with Hubs brand new slippers and had left a kind donation of his raggedly slippers hidden deep inside the laundry basket(this was a bit funny).

With a few 'tch tch ' sounds emitting from their mouths and knitted brows the policia summoned a CSI (Crime Scene Investigator). Please do not let your imagination run wild on hearing the word CSI. All you 'Grissom' fans (including me) would have sobbed buckets in your tissues after one look at the so called 'CSI'. In came an old long bearded gent with a cloth bag hung on his shoulder. After surveying the crime scene through his thick glasses he set upon recovering a fingerprint from the side of the cupboard. I was all excited to see a CSI in action and was glued to the spot even forgetting for sometime that it was my own house which was broken into.

Oh yes siree and was I in for some shock. The 'CSI' took out an ancient brush which must have been his companion for a decade or two and an equally ancient plastic bag tied with a rubber band which contained the dusting powder. He did not put any gloves neither did he carry a smart kit. He lifted the so-called fingerprint and also marked it on the cupboard for us to admire and remember this incident every time we opened the cupboard.

After that we were asked to come to the police station and they smeared our hands with ink to take our fingerprints. I was still confused as to why were we giving our fingerprints (this mystery is still unsolved). By the time this whole episode was over I was pretty sure the 'Gold' stolen from our house had already changed many hands and had eventually been turned into a completely different ornament. We have not yet recovered any of the stolen goods.

P.S: The next incident will posted as a separate post.


  1. Ohh yeah.. Well written. You turned the whole tragic scene into a funny incident.

    BTW, You forgot to mention another funny bit. Our dear old Kothrud Yard (Scotland's bro) also asked for a dog to come and sniff around. But one of the biggest cities of India had only one precious sniffer and he too was on a more urgent issue than saving us peasants. The Chief Minister of state was in town and the sniffer had gone to protect the top gun!!!!!

    So finally we were left to sniff the black powder (used to lift the fingerprints) left back by the CSI.

  2. oh yeah I completely forgot that....that is actually funny in retrospect :)

  3. ROFL-LP,that must have been a tragic event at the time,as Aniruddha has said. But,it's better to make light of it than to rue the robbery for life.
    Re. the fingerprint recovered from the cupboard and the fact that you were called to the PS to take your fingerprints,I'm sure they concluded that there'd been no robbery, the prints were your own and the case was closed.Right?:)

  4. Amit: Yep it was so long ago that now I can find it funny too. But when it happened it was so scary. Actually the fingerprint remain unidentified till date and we never got anything back.

  5. oh Im sorry for your loss. Hope they manage to catch the thieves

  6. Hey Doli: Thanks for stopping by. Actually this incident happened around 8 years back. And now it actually is somewhat funny.

  7. Guess its a bit of a harrowing experience to have ur things stolen. I had my mobile stolen from my own room once, in the hostel.
    Nice description of the csi tough..... :)

  8. Hey Vyzz: Wow you have been missing in action. Glad to see you here. Yep it was awful at that time.

  9. Hey Vyzz: Wow you have been missing in action. Glad to see you here. Yep it was awful at that time.


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