Back on Track!!

Hello fellas and fellis....

Looking at the comments on my blog...not many people missed me...alas that's the bitter truth of life...

Although I am quite happy with the hit counter and the speed with which its increasing....(My new mantra...stop being bitter and see the silver lining and all that crap spewed by my friends and well-wishers and Moi as well)

I will not let this renewed enthusiasm to write the nonsense I write, die down so easily.

I was dealing with the silent killer for a few days, 'stress' as the guys in white-coats put it.
The thing about it just creeps on you without a sign of warning. I am sure all of us handle it in everyday life in some form or other.

I was working at a extremely stressful place for nearly a year and recently quit that job. That is the start of all the positive things I want to bring back in my life.

Mind is such a weird thing....if you are happy everything looks wonderful...even a cloudy morning whereas even a sunny day spells doom when you are in the dumps.

I am still dealing with some things but am getting there...slowly. The key is to bounce back and not let anything or anyone make you feel this way.

Hurrah!!! to a fresh start.


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