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Stop treating job seekers like beggars

Let me tell you companies don't know s*** about hiring. They don't know how to treat job seekers as human beings, let alone with respect. The entire process is so screwed up and skewed in favor of companies that a job seeker has no bargaining position. It is time that companies stopped treating job seekers like beggars. Right from applying for a job, filling out mind-numbing applications on their websites (which can never represent who you truly are), to giving out personal information, past earnings, and gaps in jobs. Everything is designed to keep control in the hands of a company. So here are some real situations I faced in the recent past when trying to look for a job. All these interviews are at so-called "professional companies" and have pretty websites and great LinkedIn pages describing their successes and how good they are at helping their customers. Interview 1 I get called for an interview with a leading IT company. I used my networking skil

40 Content Ideas for anyone who wants to post on social media

"I want to write, but I don't know what I should write about" "I don't know from where you get the ideas to write about, I am not that creative" "Writing is hard, I don't know where to start" These are some of the typical statements I get to hear from people who don't know what content to put up on social media. When I had started my writing journey, I was writing stories about my everyday experiences. It took me a while to get confident about my writing. Some days, it did get difficult to write but I did not give up. Even now, I do have the so-called "writer's block" but I don't give up and keep thinking about content ideas. Why it is important to write your ideas and share with the world? If people stopped posting content that they truly believe in, then here's what's going to happen We will lose out on a lot of great content such as knowledge and narratives that can make a difference. The world