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Tag 'o' Mania

Amit tagged me recently and I thought this as a good way to put up something on my blog after ages. Here it is A.Attached or Single? Attached and very Happily B. Best Friend? Very many good friends... C: Cake or pie? Cake it is D. Drink of choice? Water or Orange Juice. E. Essential item you use every day? Laptop and mobile. F. Favorite color? Red G. Gummy bears or worms? Neither.:) H. Hometown? Nagpur- The orange city I. Favorite indulgence? Reading and watching movies J. January or July? January when in India. July since I am in UK. K. Kids & their names? None so far. L. Life isn ’t complete without? Family and friends, good food, good books and travelling to new places. M. Marriage date? Dec'99 N.Number of Siblings? 2 older sisters O. Oranges or Apples? Oranges and more oranges. P. Phobias? Dirty Restrooms. Q. Quotes? 'Whatever Happens, Happens for the best' R. Reasons to smile? a good joke. S. Season? The winters in India and the summer in UK. T. Tag people: Anyone