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Is India Shining

Yeah I guess,it is right now in the it shining or a very debatable topic. Yes of course I am talking of the heinous terrorist attack on Mumbai,India. The media has very(as usual) packaged the massacre and given a very saleable name calling it "India's 9/11." Well if it was India's 9/11 , is India reacting the way USA did after the 9/11?? thats the question which needs to be answered. The politicians have reacted so predictably, selling themselves at every given opportunity. Do they really think we canot see through the sham?? They even managed to insult families of the dead. How much lower can they fall still? Heads rolled and the blame game was as usual, with people resigning from their posts...which by the way they can win back in the next elections...does this make any sense?? The media gave a nonstop account of the happenings in Mumbai. They harrased victims and their families. They asked uncomfortable questions to families waiting for any