My post was selected by Blogadda

Hi guys....

A bit of news I forgot to post

I received this last month :)

This was for my post 911?

Congratulations! Your post has been selected by BlogAdda as one of the top posts for this week's 'Tangy Tuesday Picks'. Here is the link where your amazing post has been featured

BlogAdda has started 'Tangy Tuesdays' and 'Spicy Saturdays' where BlogAdda picks up good posts from Indian blogosphere and serves it to the readers on tuesdays and saturdays. This way, good posts are acknowledged and readers get to read quality content.

I am so glad that my post was selected. Thanks to Blogadda for choosing me(ear to ear grin).


  1. eheyyyyy...I remember someone wanting some motivation to continue blogging??????Congrats,congrats!!Now, let me say,we want posts more regularly out here.:)


  2. hey amit thanks for all your support and yes you will get more posts....


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