Life's Lessons

I have been missing from this space for nearly a year and a half, but hey! what to do, I was out living my life and learning valuable lessons along the way. I thought to share my life's lessons in a series of posts. Here's a list of 22 lessons that I've learnt in my journey from being a married woman to divorced woman, then single and now in a relationship person. Hope these help you look at life differently just as I have been able to.

Don't judge yourself by what you see in the mirror. A mirror is just glass and you are so much more than that. 

Life's lesson 24

Offer what you can.
Show up for people and support them. Love people when they need it, unconditionally and unselfishly.
Even when you think you can't, be kind.
Show up for people.
Because you would want someone one to show up for you when you are hurting.

Life's Lesson 23

When you love someone for exactly who they are
You will find out how quickly they transform
and become the best and truest versions of themselves
For we all are looking to be understood, accepted and loved without bias,
for how we are
There is nothing more empowering than when we feel seen and appreciated
for our own essence

Life's lesson 22

Your dance moves may not be like that of a Bollywood star, still get up and dance with abandon. I promise, making a fool of yourself is more fun than sitting alone at a party.

Life's lesson 21

Most people forget who they are and change their behaviour when someone treats them badly. They start behaving exactly like the other person.
Despite how people are, learn to hold your truth and be the unwavering person that you are. Let not someone's views and behaviour muddy your soul. Let not their judgements sully your beauty. It's a matter of changing your perception and you can rise above it all.

Life's lesson 20

Life doesn't come gift wrapped with a beautiful bow on top. There will be things that won't last forever. People will come in your life to help you learn about yourself, to show you who you can be and help you love yourself.
Some will walk a short distance while others will stay longer. Not everyone is going to stay forever. Even after you part, you need to keep walking and thank them for what they have given you.

Life's lesson 19

You don't have control over what others think about you. But you have control over how you decide to internalise their opinions.
The best thing is to leave them to their own judgement. Focus on what you want and if they can't understand it, let them walk away if they choose to.

Life's lesson 18

Being normal is not necessarily a virtue. It means you lack the courage to be different.
You were not born to be normal and mediocre. Stop being lukewarm. Discover your passion and you will breathe fire in everything you do.

Life's lesson 17

Of all the people, you talk the most to yourself than anyone else on this planet.
Remember to be kind and gentle with yourself.

Life's lesson 16

You are in charge of how you want to feel each day. Choose happiness and you will find life to be this beautiful and crazy ride.

Life's lesson 15

I don't care how much you like the soap. Never leave a public restroom smelling your fingers.

Life's lesson 15

Comparing your life with someone else to see whether your life is perfect is the most foolish thing you can ever do. Perfection is a man-made illusion. We are who we are and our life's journey is unique. It cannot be compared to anyone's life journey.

Life's lesson 14

When it comes to going after what you love, don't let anything stop you. Go for it as if your life depended on it. Only then would you not have any regrets in your life.

Life's lesson 13

Stop complaining about things that are not going fine in your life. Get up and change it in any small way that you can. So many people who slept yesterday, never woke up to see this beautiful day.
Be thankful that you are alive to experience deep feelings of love, sorrow and pain.

Life's lesson 12

Learn to take responsibility for your past and present. Believe me, the future will be taken care of. Owning up to past mistakes and accepting them will set you free. You will be free to choose who you are and can be every day.

Life's Lesson 11

People say life is a test and we are here to pass that test. I think life is just a series of situations where things come together for a time and then fall apart. Then things are together again and then fall apart.
Let the time of falling apart break you. Let the pain be a teacher that is asking you to look inwards. This difficult time will only help you to understand yourself better.
Don't run away and hide under covers. Lean into it, cause your growth will only happen when you lean into it and keep room for the grief, relief, pain and joy.

Life's lesson 10

Painful moments in our life change us. Use this opportunity to become stronger, braver and kinder but don't go and become someone you are not. Cry and scream if you want. Then dust yourself and move on.

Life's lesson 9

Sometimes, losing your cool and going ballistic is important to show ass%&£#@ that you mean business. Keep calm and carry on doesn't cut it out that time.

Life's lesson 8

If someone comes out of the restroom sweating, do not use that restroom.

Life's lesson 7

Some people are ass***** and there is nothing you can do to fix it. All you can do is (punch them in the face) take deep breaths and let karma take over.

Life's lesson 6

Cry with someone. It's more healing than crying alone.

Life's lesson 5

Your job will not take care of you when you are sick. Your friends will. Nurture friendships.

Life's lesson 4

Use the nice sheets, burn the scented candles, use the pretty crockery. Don't keep it for a special occasion. You are alive and well. It is a special day.

Life's lesson 3

However good or bad a situation, it will change.

Life's lesson 2

Life is not fair. But it is still good.

Life's lesson 1

Thank you for reading!


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