Sometimes I sit and wonder

is it correct? The path I have taken.

The life I am living, was it meant to be this way?

Fate, destiny, luck are these just mere words?

Or they really play a role in my life?

Every Crossroad in life is a challenge.

Is it there to mock me or make me what I am supposed to be?

The road to peace and happiness is full of struggle.

Will I have the spirit to reach my goal?

Everyone says once you are grown up you have answers to questions.

I have more questions than answers.

Sometimes I sit and wonder.


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  2. I think everyone does think the same atleast once in the lifetime..Some of them forget about the thought and live the same routine life...very few can change their life following these thoughts...

  3. arre wah such a philosohical comment :) thanks

  4. Aquarius, you should visit my inspirations blog(amitsinspirations@blogspot)..:)Nice queries you have here,and,no simple answers.But, from my last two inspirations,here's:

    Everything in this world can be seen as you wish to.

    Good or Bad; Simple or Complicated; Easy or Difficult.

    Its not how things are; its about how you look up to them.

    …and how you look up to them is all up to you.
    Now, your turn-what answers did you get from this?:)

  5. I feel everything in this world is planned. When we talk about life there are some decisions we take on our own and some which others take for us. And hence we face the consequences: good or bad. Both are important for us. One is incomplete without the other. If there is no sadness, we may not know what it is like to be happy. Fate, destiny and luck are not mere words; they do hold a place in everyones life. Luck is nothing but how we make use of opportunities that come our way; it is upto us how to recognise and make good use of them.
    Challenges never mock at us; they are too weak to do so. We as humans (the superior beings) in turn end up mocking at challenges once we overcome them. Even if we fail to do so; they surely teach us how to overcome them when we again find ourselves in such situations.
    Like I said, happiness and sadness come together. The very fact that we are clear about what we want to achieve in life shows that we have the spirit to move towards it.
    We do end up finding answers to a lot of our questions in life as we grow up but that doesn't mean we are denied the right to have more questions in life. The older we grow, the more experiences we have, more situations we face; teh more questions we have. Ofcourse our questions are different at different stages in our life. We may not have the same questions at the age of 30 what we had when we were 16!!! and the questions you have today may not be the same 20 years down the line. It is always good to have queries in your mind; this is nothing but a part of mental growth and a sign of an intellectual!!!

  6. ahh Harya...that was fabulous..lot of thought in your comment. Yes I do agree to what you have said but sometimes when mind is a big mess of worries things are unclear and that gives birth to so many questions.

  7. sometimes, we all do sit and wonder. It is very important to find that inner peace by seeing things the way we want.

  8. Hey Arunima : yes it certainly is. Unfortunately sometimes you try in vain for the peace and then such questions arise.

  9. "sometimes i sit n wonder" n i have more questions than answers" very true and beleive this happens with every soul searching for peace with herself.

  10. Hmm...well written! Very thought provoking...
    "is it correct? The path I have taken. The life I am living, was it meant to be this way?"

    Well, I do not think that everything is predestined - there is an element of what we may call luck/fate/ destiny...but that is not not all!

    So we would never know whether it was meant to be this way...the fact is - it HAS TURNED OUT to be this way...and we hold the majority of responsibilty (if not entire) for that...

    Would I like to go back to past and relive (i.e. correct) any moments...NO! Coz everything that followed was a consequence of all the past moments - whether good or bad.

    So I would rather want to learn from the past and face future; rather than dreaming of reliving past and correcting mistakes made in the past.

  11. wishes Galore : Thanks for dropping in.

    Kaustubh : true I don't want to live in the past. What I meant was that at this point in my life I have too many unanswered questions giving birth to many more .

  12. You didn't answer my question.:(

  13. Hi Amit : Sorry for the delay in answer. I was tied up. Please check your inspirations blog. I have answered your question. I loved that blog of yours will keep checking it :)

  14. arre new look!

    uhm... my nome de blog is cynic in WONDERLAND? ahem.

  15. hey cynic....welcome here...hope u keep dropping in often :)


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