The Saga of Designer Spectacles

It all began one day when I started getting a severe headache in spite of using my spectacles the whole day at work. In addition, the constant staring at the computer monitor was not helping much. Eventually I stopped wearing them for a couple of days and then concluded that either my visibility has increased or decreased. This conclusion needed to be checked out by having an eye test.

Walking in town during my lunch break, my eyes fell upon a sign that said 'Free Eye Tests'. Nothing like 'Free' right? I rushed to the shop and booked an appointment. An ‘Optical Wear’ shop provided free eye tests. The catch was 'You had to buy your spectacles from them as they did not give you your test results'. I fell hook, line and sinker since I came to know of this only after I had completed the eye test.

The 'Eye Test’ itself was routine. In India, I had my eye doctor who funnily enough went by the name 'Andhare' which means 'darkness' in Marathi. I used to look forward to the eye tests, as he was quite jovial and used to wear fantastic colognes/perfumes. It was definitely worth it after sitting for 30 minutes with an itchy and burning solution in your eyes, which helped dilate your pupils.

I was reminiscing about the eye tests in India when I met up with the doctor here. The same routine of reading the lit up board with alphabets whose size goes on decreasing from top to bottom. The same itchy solution and at that point I sorely missed the joviality and cologne of Dr. Andhare.

After boring my eyes with piercing light and pressing my eyeballs the doctor declared that, my eyes are healthy and there is nothing to worry about only for a slight change in the power of my glasses.

Now I had two options. To forget this eye test ever happened or make a new pair of glasses. I chose the second option and lo behold! I made my first mistake. I was so excited by the prospect of changing my look with new glasses that, I enthusiastically was hooked into the trap of the shops selling strategy. They had a scheme- three designer glasses for the cost of one. I thought Wow! What a deal! I exuberantly tried glasses on to chose the three pairs. Caught up in the moment I threw caution to the wind.

After I had chosen the three pairs, I asked for the bill and my eyes popped out after I saw figure. Too embarrassed to walk out and excited at the prospect of wearing 'J K London', I caved in and bought them all.

The impulsive purchase for glasses gave me sleepless nights 2 days in a row. I eventually accepted my decision and am using them now. Family and friends complementing on my look has finally put my mind at peace.

Has it ever happened to you? You bought something and then cursed yourself for buying it. You dreamed of all the money you spent on an impulsive purchase that can be used for paying bills or buying something useful. Do share with me your embarrassing shopping sprees and what you wish you should not have ever bought.


  1. arre coolness, you can accessorize them. i need one to search for the other. usually half way i forget what i was searching for and go do something else.

  2. hey cynic :) thanks for the support..I need friends like you for moral support

  3. I thank God almighty, for giving you the courage of making peace with the purchase.


    p.s. : The glasses look really cool on you... waiting for the other two pairs to arrive :)

  4. Now I want to see your designer glasses. ;)

  5. Forgive me for being a sadist here, but this experience will be worth narrating in a Marketing class that deals with consumer behaviour.

    *pulls out notepad and takes notes*

  6. Lol! It's too late to repent now! So, enjoy the attention and flaunt the new pairs! :)

  7. Ani : Thanks sweety...

    Sumit : Yep true...this is typical of all consumers including you hehe narrate away :)

    Kadambari : Thats what I am doing right now heheh

  8. Anjali : I will send you a pic soon :)

  9. happens..but I am exited to see your designer glasses...Is this the place in the corner near b-1st?

  10. Frankly, many a time I have always bought things impulsively only to regret it later. But my impulsive buys occur in the food department. SO no major damage as such!!
    As far as designer specs go...they are pretty cool....nevertheless, I am accustomed to wearing lenses though!! :)

  11. Hi,Aquarius-ah,they say the best things in life are free,but then,I guess eye checkups are not among the best things in life.:)
    It's good that everything turned out all right and the glasses are appreciated.So,there's nothing to feel sad about-till the next shopping spree,of course.*grins*
    Yes-it has happened sometimes in the past with me-that I bought something and wondered later..but then,like in your case,the purchase later turned out to be a good choice, so, no regrets!!:)

  12. Nirali: yes will be putting up a pic very soon :)

    Vyazz: Good to know someone else is like me. If i let out all the secrets of my impulsive buys you will definitely faint :)

    Amit :Ispe ek post ho jaye....yes and the shopping sprees do happen on a regular basis :)

  13. Tell me about it....I bought loads of cosmetics a few minutes back and am cursing myself to have splurged so much. And that too when I know that i would be sitting at home without a job after 7 days from now!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Manu: Good to see you here. This remorse will pass off soon :) words of experience. I am pretty impulsive and have these feelings many times.

  15. Manu: Good to see you here. This remorse will pass off soon :) words of experience. I am pretty impulsive and have these feelings many times.


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