Yey!!! I got my first blogging award

Thank you 'Sumit' for giving me this Award.
This is my first blogging award and I am honoured (Taliyan).

I would like to nominate this award to the following friends


Kaustubh is a good friend and to him I give this award for his Humorous writing style.

Ayon is my ex-boss and now a blogging pal- I give him this award for his tips on Management and for his punch in the gut fiction writing.

and to Amit who became a pal when I started blogging - I give this award to him for writing from the heart.

Each of these people have their unique writing styles. Folks do go and have a look at their fabulous blogs.


  1. OMG- Aquarius-what a wonderful way to end a somewhat tiring day!!Yes,I was feeling totally tired out today,and decided to log on and blog a bit before going off to the Land of Nod!:)Thanks a ton for the award:)And,of course- congrats to you for getting the award!!U deserve it!Ohh,yes,I'm sure that inspires u to post more regularly!

  2. hey Amit...ur most welcome :) yes I hope so too that I post more regularly.

  3. Oh, GR8! Congratulations...

    And thank for mentioning me...I am humbled and honoured!!!

    You believe it, right? :)

    ~ Kau

  4. Kautubh...ofcourse I do...Ur most welcome :)

  5. Blog awards, keep the fire burning ;)

  6. Hey J...thanks so much for stopping by :)

  7. Heyyy,Aquarius-I never expected that you'd take a siesta after giving the awards,thinking that people'd be busy at our blogs..haha!!:)Next post,pls.

  8. Hi Amit...

    Good siesta man....just that my laptop is conked off : Will put up something real fast.


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