The growing pains....

I was recently reading my friends blog and he had written something about being an adult...that got me thinking of my teenage years...and time spent with my sisters and my younger cousin....

I have 2 elder sisters...hang on...I am not a pampered brat or something...though I am sure my sisters will disagree on this....

I had a very volatile relation with my elder sister who is just a year older (and I guess the remnants are still there)and more of a stable and "I revere her" types with my eldest who is seven years older. My younger cousin was more there for me to bully around and also be my good confidante in all the naughty things that I planned.

Though I was never a kid who loved to destroy stuff and make other peoples lives miserable , in my middle sister's terms (Lets call her 'A') I was a kid who deserved some strong words every time I did something wrong.....which I actually thought was fun...

I still clearly remember my first experience of stepping into teenage was in my 7th grade, when in school a few of my classmates were discussing about boys...and I felt so disgusted and unclean hearing them talk about was a completely alien feeling....

It was not that I did not have boys as friends, but I knew them since childhood so never saw them as "Boys".

My tiffs with my parents became a everyday scene...mostly I thought they were different species all together and I did not understand their language....there were also periods of those typical scenarios when I felt like "Nobody understands me".

My mother became my enemy No. 1 cause she was the one who was trying to regulate my behavior and "A" I thought was her sidekick...
It was a tough time for me and I guess for my parents too...who were trying their best to understand me and cope with my behavior which I am quite sure was bizzare...(I can judge that by looking at how my teenage nephew behaves these days).

It was also a time for daydreaming and rebellion...the sudden bouts of just listening to Micheal Jackson and Wham!! as loudly as possible, locking up myself in a room on the terrace(Which was habitable only in cool weather)...and I also started writing a Diary...most of which contained page by page detailed description of how my parents were torturing me...

If anyone could lay their hands on it now I am sure they would go into hysterical fits of laughter...(I have shredded it after reading it and laughing at my state of mind when I wrote all the nonsense).

At that time it was good relief to write it down...but in retrospect it makes me wonder about the phase called "Teenage". I feel that is the most crucial time in everyones life...which determines actually what type of people we are going to turn out as adults.

Well all in all I have a pretty calm and supportive family...who never let me run away with my rebellious nature and tried to put a bit of sanity in me . I give all the credit to my parents and of course my sisters who kept me in check and still do whenever I think of doing something irrational and crazy.


  1. Ha! Do I remember those days or what? ;)

  2. Oh Vini, first of all thanks for wirting on this topic! I can so very well relate to what you have written :). I guess history repeats itself!!!!

  3. Oh Vini, first of all thanks for wirting on this topic! I can so very well relate to what you have written :). I guess history repeats itself!!!!


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