Super Size Me

I've never met a women friend who will miss a chance to go shopping even if its window shopping.The high and thrill of drooling over new shoes and clothes and bags is akin to taking ecstasy (I've only read about it....)

I am a self confessed window shopper....I love it...I also love buying new outfits...

The only problem comes when I am out shopping with a skinny friend....well uhmmm I am not anywhere in that category.....I become pretty self conscious during those times and to top it all most of the stores forget that fat people oops....overweight people can have a sense of fashion too.

I am sure most of my soul sisters know what I am talking about...

I guess this is the story at least in my country...India....Americans might care to dispute...

You browse through racks and racks of wonderful clothes and none of them fit you...its quite frustrating and disappointing just like when you come to know you've not passed in a particular test even if you are sure you've studied.

You end up buying material and getting it stitched from the tailor...who of course as usual either makes it tooo tight so you can't breath or leaves it like a tent...either way you lose.

So whats a Gal gotta do???

Now a days there are shops who design clothes for larger people...but hello....just check up the price tag....what only fat rich people get to buy these???

What about poor mortals like either you lose weight (which everybody around you is telling you usual) or you have bigger pockets....

But what about in the mean I suppose to just buy one classsy outfit and wear it again and again...or just dress up looking like a walking tent.


  1. My sister's pet peeve while looking for jeans in India!
    Seems like they don't get the fact that not all people with purchasing power are skinny.


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