What the F*** !!!!!

That is exactly my state of mind right now...since its my blog I am allowed freedom of expression...

When you are in a very bad mood that is all you can say.....

Well for starters a very good friend of mine dumped me...(I know that boyfriends dump you and not friends) but most of us don't realize that they dump you when they don't want to be in touch anymore....and your attempts to revive that bond falls flat on your face...

Just like in a romantic relationship you are left wondering what did you do wrong? Is it something you did or said that lead to this situation.

Most of the times the so called friends just drift away because life takes us all in different directions.There is no more common ground on which you can meet or have fun together.But you still manage to hang on to a few close friends and try to be in touch with them as much as you can and not let geographical distance be an issue.

But again the same thing happens and then you really start doubting yourself all over again..
You feel cheated and abandoned.All the time ,money and effort you put in maintaining that friendship all goes down the drain and you are left with bitter feelings.

The old memories just come rushing back and you still cannot believe it, that the person with whom you shared every scrap of personal details ,your feelings and hopes. The person you grew up with is no longer interested in being a part of your life and does not want you to be a part of theirs. Its a crushing feeling.

Maybe their experiences make them a different person.Maybe they made better friends or maybe they just stopped liking you.


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