Fair and lovely...

In my search for the perfect body lotion I came across shelf upon shelf of body lotions which maintain your perfect tan and tanning lotions which help you tan.Well again at the cost of repeating myself I will say "Summers here" in UK. The campus is converted into a beach where semi naked bodies are lying down in the sun .Its like the entire University is in a picnic mood.

Well back home in "good ole India" we run for cover from the blazing sun not to get tanned. All the beauty regimes definitely include how to get rid of that ugly tan . Where as the Sun heats up, we can see our feet bearing the design of our footwear .

Its kind of ironic to see the fair skinned "Firangs" wanting our skin shade "BROWN" (as Russel Peters likes to call) and us trying desperate measures to look fairer.

How could I miss talking about the beauty cream "Fair and lovely" . I personally feel that the product should be banned from the market. It actually promotes the idea that fair is beautiful and dark skin is Ugly....Look at the name itself " Fair and Lovely", what else could it potray...

I know many of my friends emptying tubes and tubes of this cream in the desperate desire to look fairer.Don't they understand that putting on some stupid cream is not going to change the original colour of their skin.

Most of us are conditioned from childhood to also believe in the theory of fairer people being attractive and intelligent because they have white skin. And people with darker skin are slower and ugly...
Also most of our advertisements potray a man being attracted to a fair girl rather than a dark one. They are unfair on the dark skinned people.

Here too in firang land, people do discriminate against you because you are darker . I have been a victim of it . I was lost in a new town and approached a white male for directions and he just shooed me away and ran thinking I was a beggar...it was the most humiliating time of my life. Eventually I did get directions that too from a white lady who did not treat me as vermin...

So to "cut to the chase", is'nt it time we start treating people like humans and not some type of animals just because of the colour of their skin . Some of the greatest leaders in this world were black , brown and white .They are great not beacuse of the colour of their skin but because of their actions.


  1. Well said. Now the Fair and Handsome or some such cream promoted by SRK should also be banned.

  2. Rachna Srivastava Parmar19 September 2012 at 07:31

    This thing for fairness is ingrained in our culture. In my stay abroad, I've noticed that they are much more more tolerant of color compared to our obsession with shades of the same color. But, things are changing even if slowly.

  3. Absolutely. Such ads promote that fairness is beautiful..

  4. I had faced racism on the road in UK. There too somewhere at the back of their mind many people think black is dirty. Though not everyone is like that.


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