Bored with Boredom

Define Fun? Can you ? I am so bored at this point that FUN has become 'Fantastically Uninteresting Notion'. No wonder the posts are not being updated regularly on this blog.

Have you ever been bored so much that you thought life was just a blur of picture frames and you wanted to pull your hair out?

Well, I am not so desperate yet, but going there at warp speed.

I am too old for dressing up and going clubbing and pubbing on weekdays and weekends. Old for getting sloshed and waking up with a massive hangover. And too young for being a grumpy old woman, sitting in warm woollen booties and talking of the good old days.

I feel like a misfit these days. Some of my friends are a decade younger and in their mid twenties and those about my age, are busy with families and kids to give me the time of the day. The younger friends are caught up in partying, work, boyfriends and having a good time.

I get along very well with younger friends. I can actually still identify with them on some level but been there,done that makes me feel jaded. Friends my age, have complicated lives . They have children, one area where I cannot share any pearls of wisdom. Also, I always feel like once they start talking about their kids, its all Greek and Latin to me. Believe me, I do try to use my minuscule grey matter, but sometimes it fails to generate the required enthusiasm. Where do I fit in?

These days my mind is full of mixture of bloody, violent scenes and cleaning products. A result of watching too much Law and Order and How clean is your home? Well, nothing good to watch on telly any more.

Myriad thoughts about my next post and the desperate attempts at humour (Somewhat like this post) are taking up most of my time. Rest is spent in reading novels and hunting for jobs (something, I am least motivated at this point of time).

I guess, I have to absolve myself with a really funny post, real fast, to avoid being thrashed by friends.

Do any of you feel like a misfit any-time? Do let me know your thoughts.


  1. Hehehe..LP,don't worry-even I get such thoughts sometimes..(though,not after reading you-know-which-book)..waise,I can just imagine u 20 yrs or more down the line,'being a grumpy ole woman,sitting in warm woollen booties and talking of the good old days'(when you used to blog,may I add)..beautiful description,that one.
    But,right now?No way- life's too beautiful to ponder thusly.Go out,take time to smell the flowers,the peace of the place where you are,make a list of things you're thankful for(Not seeing cows on the road,for example),give a smile to the grocery guy/lady,the old guy walking on the road,feed some bread crumbs to the birds on the terrace,watch an episode/part of'Mind Your Language' or'Seinfeld', even on Youtube....and next time,write a slapstick comedy of a post.:)Cheerio and TC:)

  2. Hey Amit: Thanks for your positive enthusiasm :) Yes I just wrote this post on a lark. I am upbeat as ever and just wanted to let the world know that I am not a grumpy old women yet :)

  3. I feel like a misfit in most parties. And don't get me started about corporate parties!!

    Luckily now I have an excuse and someone constantly hankering for my attention to stay too long. :-)
    But I get what you mean.

  4. To be honest, I think you are being very normal. Parties, in these days, are such oh so fake corporate events where so much business is traded, not friendships, not values, not those little joys that bring happiness. You don't need that fun in your life coz its not fun at all. Cheer up!

  5. gayu: Oh my god!! so many people like me Yippeeeeeeeee , well time to shake the dust and rear my hooves then :)

    Sanand : Good to see u back. Yeah I know so many fake people around. It makes me cringe. Thanks for cheering me.

  6. Heh. Just an hour back was talking to a friend from school about how instead of dressing up and going to a pub, I feel like wearing my old jeans and T and hitting a club where I can just sit and drink a huge GreyGoose with cranberry so maybe I am getting OLD.

    But then I am no OLD.

    I am just hanging in between :(


  7. Hey Kusum : I am still trying to figure that out :) Thanks for dropping in.

  8. Hey Kusum : I am still trying to figure that out :) Thanks for dropping in.


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