What should I name this post...?

Its one of those weeks when your mind is really sluggish and even the 'C' of creativity has abandoned you. You can actually guess that from the title of this post as to how bad my situation is.

There also the guilt of not updating your blog hanging on your head. So my blogging pals be dears and tolerate this post of mine :). I racked my brains to bring out a funny post or even a serious one for that matter but, words are eluding me.

Work wise life has been quite hectic for the past few weeks. For those who don't know me personally. I am doing 2 part time jobs in a week. At both places I work in accounts (Least of preferred job profiles by me). Though I had definitely worked longer hours in India but, the longer hours included gossiping with colleagues, catching up with friends on chat/phone and working as well. So, the stress of work did not make so much of an impact.Whereas here my nose is to the grind for 7.5 hours of the day.

At one job I am the only employee so, interaction with another human being throughout the day is just limited to my boss who pops in to office for just a couple of hours. At the other job I do have colleagues but all of them sit one floor above me and are in sales and so are always on the phone. There goes my gossiping out of the window. With nothing to break the monotony of the job, it becomes quite difficult sometimes to get away from the pressures at work.

I miss the gossiping and general yakking sessions with colleagues when I was in India. They provided so much of fun and distraction. The day passed off quickly and I never had to keep glancing at the watch to see when the day would end.

P.S.: Sorry guys for being such a drag in this post. Hopefully I will bounce back soon.


  1. We all have our off days...so its no big deal...hang in there...you'll bounce right back!!!... :)

  2. M first thought before reading your blog was to admonish you for not posting more regularly. But I think I'll dispense with admonishments for now. :)

    Hoping you bounce back soon. Cheerio!

  3. Hmm... So dear firends, now I know why I was getting so frustrated trying to figure out why my dear mrs. is the way she has been. Dear God, please give her something interesting to write and I shall be at peace :)


  4. Hi,Aquarius-I can well imagine the situation,since I find myself in the same boat now and then...and,then,life comes back to normalcy.:)
    To be honest,I don't miss the Indian work environment-of gossiping,water cooler discussions,tea breaks every 1 hr,etc...:)But, to be a single employee in a Co?Whew!!That must be tough.
    Tell you what- keep your eyes n ears open-I'm sure the right opportunity with the kind of work you're really interested in(err,what is that,btw?) is right round the corner..all the best!!:)

  5. Vyazz- Thanks a ton for your support.

    Sauron: heheh Thanks for not berating me. I do want to post everyday but I just am not able to do it. Will definitely try to be a bit more regular though.

    Ani: Hey Hubby dear, thanks for the prayers I certainly need them.

    Amit: Thanks for your kind words. Yes its quite painful being alone the whole day.I actually would love to work with dogs. Maybe for a dog training centre or for a charity organisation. But with recession I have to stick to what I am doing and I really don't like it at all.

  6. I didn't notice Aniruddha's comment...hehe!!U know, I never thought of blogging being a puzzle solver-like,hubby not understanding wife's mood-he reads her blog and understands..and,of course, the other way round!!Nice going,both of you!!:)

  7. lol@anirudha. let me go to his blog now.

  8. JAI INTERNET!!! thats what it is for

  9. Come on,Aquarius-time to bounce...:)bounce back,I mean!!:)...AmitL

  10. Ohh Amit thanks so much for your support I am trying real hard. Will post something very soon.


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