Where is all the China?

This post has got nothing to do with the country China. Its actually a 'kvetch' disguised as a Blog post.

Last weekend, 'A' and I were invited to a Indian Couples place for dinner. I had never met them and 'A' just knew the hubby in passing. Living in Lancaster we are always dying for a social get together as we don't know many people in this town.

All excited at the prospect of meeting someone from India and making new friends, I took some extra efforts while getting ready (not the usual running a comb and putting a spot of lipstick). Also bought a nice Dessert as a gift for the couple. We reached their place and were welcomed inside and settled down. The conversation was quite pleasant and things were just nice and cozy.

We chatted for some time and were offered drinks. When the drinks arrived I was a bit surprised to see that we were served in plastic glasses. Not the 'reusable' ones but 'use and throw' types.

I thought O.K. maybe they don't have glasses. Then snacks were served and to my horror they were in disposable paper bowls along with SURPRISE !!! plastic spoons.

After that my expectations for a nice warm dinner took a real beating when,microwaved pizza along with limp oily potato wedges was offered as dinner on Paper plates. This was followed by Ice cream for dessert.

I had the sudden desire to say' Beam me (up) home Scottie, there is no intelligent life here'.

I can understand that people have affinity to paper and plastic but not when you invite someone for dinner. Also, it was not a 10 year old's birthday party.

I wonder what they use everyday to eat food??? Paper Plates or real china??


  1. heh, that sure was strange. Then again, were you the only couple invited? Maybe they were newly settling in and didn't stock up on China yet?

    Nice space :)


  2. Hi,Aquarius-LOL...that was funny. But, on the other hand, you know, this is common even in Dubai..reason? Hired servants are not cheap, so not many can afford them. Both husband-wife are working,so,they don't feel like washing plates and glasses at the end of a hard day/during a weekend which is a time to relax. So, what better way out of it than paper plates and cups? In fact,the happy part is that the stuff is not plastic!:)

    (I wonder if you'll read ur post after 3 years and find yourself using paper plates,too??hehe!!Keep me posted)

    BTW,u're mentioned in my new post.

  3. Agree with you - it is not even environmentally friendly to keep tossing out plastic. Its weird people do this for small gatherings - I've seen it, but for two it is ridiculous!

  4. Kowthas:Sorry for being bitchy..hehhe could not help myself.The couple have been in UK for more than 5 years so I guess the new settling part is moot.Thanks a ton for dropping in.

  5. Amit: I understand using Ppaer plates when you have like 10-15 people. Here too we don't have servants, but even for a gathering of 10 we use china. Its just plain awful to eat on paper plates.And never in my life will I be doing that heheheh

    Lemme check your post. And thanks again.

  6. Gayu: Yeah it was absurd...and it felt really good to bitch a little :P

  7. ..to be honest i wouldnt longingly contemplate doing that i think, but something ( maybe plain middle class indoctrination on aukad) would stop me from doing that hehe. but have they shifted houses or something?

  8. next time we invite someone, we are going to have pieces of newspaper and serve food on that :)

    But honestly, add it to your account of new and sometimes weird experiences. I guess this is what we came to UK for... an international experience ;)

    Keep bitching... ooooppps, I mean keep blogging!!

  9. Hi Cynic: No they have been living there for quite some time.Thats why I was so surprised...I call serving in Papaer plates plain laziness :)

  10. More than strange, that was bad! Wonder how they did it there, that's bad even in India! :) I am sure you're never going back to them again. :| Or next time along with dessert, get some China plates and steel spoons along. :)

  11. Jagjit- Thanks for the wonderful idea. Maybe I will try that on them if and only if we do get invited again :)

  12. Ohhhh God....Vinni dat is hillarious...I jus imagined ya expressions..N am sure if i were there in front of u v myt laughed our guts out.....But am sure v myt have taken their case too....N trust me loved aniruddha's comment too...Bits of newspaper imagine kitna hillarious hoga aisa dinner......

  13. Shipra yes I can imagine...some people are really weird. They don't care what others will think.

  14. Shipra yes I can imagine...some people are really weird. They don't care what others will think.


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