Magical Parenting

I have the privilege of being an aunt to 1 niece and 2 nephews. One of them has already surpassed me in the height department ages ago and is on the brink of arming himself with a razor to mow the barely sprouted undergrowth under his nose. He is the only son of my eldest sister.

The other two chipmunks are twin kids of my middle sister. Both A (Girl) & B (Boy) have just been potty trained and are on the category of ' I can express my feelings in words now' age. Though I met them when they were tiny bundles, I do get regular updates from my sister about their latest antics.

After a recent update from her I got to know 'What all parents do to fool a child into eating his/her food'. Here is how it went...

'A' was refusing to eat her food so her dad 'D' said

D: If you taste this new dish mom made, you can speak to 'Princess Snow white'.

Skeptical though she was 'A' relented and finished her food. So my sis and Bro-In-law decided to call up Snow white.

My sister snuck up in the bedroom and called on Bro-in-laws cell phone pretending to be Snow White. 'A' was left utterly speechless with wonderment when she came to know that Snow white wanted to speak to her.

Snow White: What are you doing 'A'?

A: I just finished my food.

Snow white: You are a big girl.

A: What are you doing Snow White?

Snow White: I am playing with Seven Dwarfs.

A: Dad, you know Snow White is playing with seven dwarfs.

Now, 'B' had to speak to one of his favourite cartoon characters 'OSO'.

So 'D' rang back on my sister’s cell phone and this time my sister became 'OSO' and 'B' was mesmerized that his favourite character was talking to him.

I think its time for me to make a call home and check up with my parents about things they did to fool me .

And here I used to think Parents are simple folk.
Who knew what goes on in their mind!!!!

P.S.: The kids are aged 3 and in that age when they are still ready to believe everything parents tell them.


  1. that is so cute.

    i had an obsession with pencils. so my dad would get one everynight and take it away when i was asleep to produce it the next day. very mean i thoought that was.

  2. Oh that is so cute!!!! I have to try that on my three yr old :) Anything to get them eating :)

    Parents are wily creatures, aren't they :)

  3. and then, there comes a time when they will know that there is no santa claus

  4. Cynic : awww smart of your dad to do that. I had a crazy obsession of sharpening pencils and finished one pencil in one day until one day a pencil stub and a eraser were tied to a thread and put around my neck which ended my obsession :)

    Smitha : Yes they are and thanks for commenting smitha :)

    J: That will be the day when my sister will lose her powers.

  5. Ha ha ha! This one was cute! My 2.5 year old nephew is just too smart! No tricks work on him at all! :(

  6. thats so cute..lovely parenting too. hats off.

  7. Kaddu: Thanks kaddu...your nephew is already living in the real world.

    The abstract Scientist: Thanks for dropping by :)


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