The Mad AD world

Its no fun sitting in front of the idiot box after coming to UK. In India, I used to switch channels whenever any ads featured between programmes. But now I miss them so much.

Here the same boring ads for debt cancellation, Injury claim and some travel companies run over and over again in the same dry tone.

I find Indian ads so much more entertaining and lively. There is colour and music and a sentiment added to selling of the product. Who can forget the old ads that became so famous. Here are a few of my favourite old ads.

1) The twirling girl of Nirma Washing Powder

2) Lalitaji and the 'Dhoondhte Reh jaooge' campaign surf campaign.

3) Jab main chota Baccha tha- Bajaj Bulbs

4) 'Buland bharat ki buland tasveer' - Humara Bajaj

5) 'I Love u Rasna'

6) Vicks ki goli lo Khich khich door karo

7) Lime and lemony Limca

8) Kuch khaas hai hum sabhi mein...Kuch swad hai....kya swad hai zindagi mein- Cadburys dairy milk

9) Jalebi ad from Dhara

10 ) Karram Kurram- Lijjat Pappad.

The best of them was 'Mile sur Mera tumhara' campaign. Whenever I hear that song old memories come rushing back and I feel so proud to be an Indian. Here's the video for you all.

Did you all not hum to the tunes of these ads? Did you not sing along when the ad was telecast?

Now think hard and let me know which were your personal favourites.


  1. Here... one of your favorites...
    Cadbury's Dairy Milk Ad

    And do u remember this one?
    Ek Aur Anek

  2. Oh yes I loved that kids voice so much....very cute indeed :)

  3. There was one more: Hajmola Sir. :)

  4. This video sure brought back some memories. Yeh home insurance, compare the market and what not.

    Personal fav. hhmmmm, gold spot ad is the only thing that comes to my head right now.

  5. Ohhh..what memories that brought back..and,do you remember this one from the tune:
    "Laaa laa la la laaaa...laa laaa la laaaaa la laaa" u tell me,which one was it?I bet u recognize it...when in school, I used to go early to halls,just to see if this ad would be playing..hehe!

  6. J:Yes I used to like it too :) they had pictures of mickey and donald inside the cap/

    Amit: Lirilllll....yes those ads are unique :)

  7. U guessed right..good going!!:)

  8. U guessed right..good going!!:)


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