What Ho? What Ho?What Ho?

Sorry for being AWOL for a longish period. I had been undergoing Wodehouse Mania for some time. Ardent fans of this renowned author 'Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse' would have easily grasped the title of my Post.

'YouTube' has an excellent collection of 'Jeeves and Wooster' Series. For those blighters who are still unaware of what I am talking about here is a peek..

Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry have played the characters of 'Bertram Wooster' the upper class twit and 'Jeeves' his intellectually brilliant Valet with aplomb.

I have been reading P.G.Wodehouse books since my school days and they still invoke laughter in me even after having read them for the nth time. He had such a wonderfully funny language. And he named his characters with ridiculous names like 'Gussie Finknottle' , 'Tuppie Glossop' and 'Chuffy Chuffnell'.

Though Wodehouse has written about a lot of characters, 'Jeeves and Wooster' have always remained my personal favorites. Wodehouse was famous for his portrayal of aristocrats as buffoons and his books revolve around plots in which the upper class due to their negligent brain power get into scrapes and continue to worsen the situation with their dumb half-witted schemes to make the situation better.

Especially in the case of 'Bertram aka Bertie Wooster' where Jeeves pulls out Bertie from worst situations. Bertie is a rich chappie who has never worked in his life and spends his days playing the Piano or lunching at the 'Drones Club'. He is forever sent on missions to pinch things for his Aunt Dahlia from other aristocrats or is playing hookie to avoid his Aunt Agatha who makes his life miserable. His friends also blackmail him into doing things for them out of friendship.

Jeeves his valet is shown to be a man with razor sharp intelligence and an impeccable taste in clothes. He is in complete control of his rich, young employer's life. When Bertie gets into any unwanted social obligation, engagement to marry or legal trouble, Jeeves comes up with a subtle plan to save him.

My favourite has been the part in which 'Bertie' pinches the cow creamer for his Aunt Dahlia and all hell breaks loose.

Wodehouse's writing style is easy and you can actually imagine the things he describes in his books. Anyone who has read his books will agree with me that there is no other writer who has written rib tickling funny stories like Wodehouse. He is and will always be the master of FUNNY stories.

As Bertie would say 'Pip Pip or Toodle 'oo' till next time.


  1. LOL! I haven't read too many of these... but the few I read, I LOVED them! Have u read the one "Leave it to Psmith"? That one always stood out! They even made a TV serial on it long back... it was hilarious! And I too love the portrayals of the "rich buffoons"! :D
    My folks left all our novels with my uncle here when they were shifting to Noida, and now my uncle refuses to give them back! :( Especially all the Wodehouse books!

  2. Hey Kaddu...wow its been ages....good to see you here...
    I am not so sure whether I have read that Psmith book will now definitely read it if I find it in the Library.
    I think your uncle has also become a ardent fan of Wodehouse :)

  3. Vins, "Leave it to Psmith" is funny. I read it long long ago. I also love "Blandings Castle". Well, I love any and all PG Wodehouse books. Including his autobiography. I have even read his biography by someone (I don't remember the author). Crazy huh? :)

  4. haha..yes,I used to love PGW books earlier..now,the patience level has diminished,so I can't really say that I've read any in the last few months..but,this post just might inspire me to read one soon!!When in Baroda,of course.

  5. Anju: Wow a comment from you in a long time. Yes I have got a book 'Pigs can fly' and am just waiting to start reading it.

    Amit: You should read it again...try imagining what wodehouse writes and it becomes super Hilarious.


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