Revenge of the Harassed!

You are in the shower, happily scrubbing away the grime and cleaning your pores. You are covered in soap and at that moment, the phone rings (Why does it always ring when you are in the loo or shower?). You scramble to grab a towel, come out of the bathroom dripping wet and shivering with cold. You take these efforts, so that you do not miss a call from a friend or family. You rush and pick up the phone to hear a debt management agency on the call. You feel like reaching inside the phone and socking the guy on his face.

Not that, I do not acknowledge the fact that the telemarketers are just doing their job. But unsolicited calls can actually cheese you off. Most are selling stuff you will never buy. The enthusiastic way in which they try to sell you things which you don't need, can really grate on your nerves. Plus, the wasted time attending such calls can exhaust anyone.

A few days back I had a really weird chat with a telemarketer, that too an Indian with a fake British accent.

The phone rings

Me: Hello

Telecaller (TC): Hello is this 01524*****?

Me: Yes, it is.

TC: Does Mrs. XYZ live here?

Me: No, no one by that name.

TC: Ma'am, I am calling from ABC Debt management agency. As per the new court ruling we can cancel all your debts legally.

Me: OK, but I am not interested. Thanks.

TC: Ma'am. Do you have any debt?

Me: No I don't have any debt?

TC: No credit cards?

Me: I hate credit cards.

TC: Any mortgage?

Me: No mortgage.

TC: Any Personal Loans?

Me: No nothing. Thank you and I am not interested. I am going to put the phone now. (By this time, I was impatient. Even my father had never asked me such questions)

TC: Ma’am How is it possible that you do not have any debt?

Me: It seems you are unhappy that I am debt free (I had lost it by this time).

TC: No, I mean, how is it possible? I think you are lying.

Me: This is too much. You called me and now are accusing me of lying. Don't ever call me. (My temper had risen to dangerous levels)

And I banged the phone down.

Hubs on the other hand likes to toy with these people. He can converse with telemarketers and pull their leg. He in fact enjoys it.

The best way to tackle these people would be to give it back to them, the way they do it to us.


  1. haha how true V.
    taking a cue and going off on a different note.. having lived on my own for over a decade.. let me tell u some of the crazy things i did to take my bath in peace
    the bell would invariably ring on the weekend.. just when i would enter the bath.. being in the loo is atleast ok.. one can come out..
    but a weekend relaxing bath.. what a waste..
    luckily for me, While in Aurangabad, two of the apartments i lived in..had two entrances..
    so after a few times of bad timings, i would actually put a lock on of the doors and enter through the other to be left at peace :)) haha
    well those werent the days of mobile phones and i did not have a land line
    but out in Oman.. that would be a perennial problem.. the phone would just just have to ring when am in the bath.. soaked up in suds.. hehe..

  2. lol!! Very true!!! The worst they do is in offices. They get one number and then one by one they start calling all the nos the worst case scenario when the caller calls up the senior most person in office!!! :D

    Am very rude to them!! they call & say "i am calling from XYZ Bank" and I say not interested & disconnect the call!!!

  3. ROFL..these guys are nuts...can't blame them,really-they're just trying to make a nice commission over their paltry salary(One guy told me their main income is commissions,that's why they are so persistent).
    Here,I get calls from wealth management 'experts'- I told one'sure,you're an expert-coz you're playing with someone else's money,at their risk.Will you give a percentage,if you make a person lose?'..he never called again...haha.
    Re. phones ringing when in the shower amidst all the pore-clearing and what we did- my cell's always on silent, the landline's disconnected...(We don't need one,frankly..when each one has a cell,na?)...'na rahega baans,naa bajegi baansuri', as they say.

  4. Paromita: Hahahah...good idea..I too love to take my bath in peace. The mobile has becomes a menace sometimes.

    Smita : You cannot help but be rude with these people. They are so pushy...will just try selling u something or the other.

    Amit : Lucky you....can switch off you phone. I cannot do is far away in India. Dunno when they will call up.And calling up a missed call is way to expensive :P

    Shipra: Have loaded it again. I think some copyright locha

  5. Well i was bugged by my telephone company like this. they seemed to have problem with my address proof which by the way they had verified and twice taken documents for. i get a call in the middle of the office to again clarify on my address i got so bugged that i told them "LOOK one more call on this issue and you lose a customer. next day i get a call from some lady from same company who asks if i wanted another one more connection.SHOCKED was my only response.

  6. Shreesh : Oh yeah, I had the issue with the internet conncetion so I can understand your anger...these people just want to sell you stuff by hook or crook.

  7. We get calls from International long distance companies. It is annoying. The best thing is they will call twice. Once for me and another time for Anand. AT THE SAME NUMBER and right after I hang up the first time. Don't they read the number they are calling?

  8. eeek...this sure is annoying.Dumb people really :)

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