One Woman and her Dog

Hey Sweetypie, come here my babyyyy...I love you a lot.

Hey pumpkin, come on...I know you are listening, give me a kiss...mwaah...mwah

He opens one eyelid and gives me a look of disdain, which says 'O Lord.. She is calling me again, give me a break, I have a life too'.

I raise my hand and this catches his attention. I have his favorite treat in my hand. He gets up and eats it from my hands.

BTW, this is not a conversation between Hubs and me, if you are wondering...

It is hard to raise a dog from a puppy. The first few months are similar to raising a baby (Ouch!!! stop, all you hurt, you know). Well, not so much like a baby...there is no diaper changing and feeding involved but the 'feeding every 4 hours' and 'pooping after every meal' are similar. All the growing pains are just compressed when it comes to dogs.

There are different breeds of dogs that were bred to perform different roles to aide humans, like 'Alsatians' were bred as guard dogs and 'Sheepdogs' for herding animals. A sheep dog helps the farmer to herd the sheep with the help of commands or whistle blasts from the farmer who is at a far of distance. It is amazing to see these working dogs perform.

Inspired by 'Animal Planet', I took it as a challenge to get Buddy trained. I had great many expectations from him. The first few sessions with the trainer were a success. He could give a high five, shake hands and sit when asked to. Pumped up with that success, I had grandiose plans for my brilliant dog. I had already imagined him as a 'Guide Dog’, a dog who could sniff out cancer or a dog with his own TV show (Man, was I hallucinating or what).


Dogs are amazing animals. They are called 'man's best friend' because of their loyalty and unconditional love. I think its all bull. One look at Buddy and people would have agreed with me.
He is a cheeky devil who made hubs and me dance to his barks. His dictionary never had this word 'Unconditional Love'. His motto was 'If you give me Ice cream, I love you', 'If you give me dry dog food, do I know you?’ Hell, this sound exactly like a teenager, the know-it all attitude and who bargain for love with their parents.

Buddy refused to get molded as per my dreams. I started doubting my upbringing, did I do something wrong? Was I a bad dog owner? I watched episodes after episodes of 'The Dog Whisperer' (Cesar Milan-The magic man) to figure out where I had failed in my lofty ambitions.

Jumping onto our bed, sleeping like a human, eating spicy and fried food, whining for attention, begging for ice cream, not listening to us, tearing up his bed and chewing through dozens and dozens of rubber balls. This was 'Buddy's Grand Life' (I always had a serious doubt that, he was a human in dogs clothing).

I wish I had a yummy bone!!
moar funny pictures

I am reminiscing. Buddy turned 5 years old in November. I had a love, hate and love relationship with the cutest pooch in the world. I know, I know, I have blogged about him before here and here. 'Buddy' was the inspiration for this blog; he was a big part of my life and will always be.


  1. Buddy's Grand life is a real inspirational post!

  2. Sanand : Yeah, he was a real darling and also a terror. He is happy in his new home and I am so glad about that.

    Ashish: Oh yes, I miss him a lot.

  3. Time to get a new 'buddy' in Lancaster?

  4. Mihir: Alas, no one can replace that critter...

  5. A very interesting article and cute Buddy.

  6. Awww I wish I had met Buddy. He sure looks cute. I am sure Arohi and Ayan will be all over him.

  7. Yeah he sure is very cute and he loves kids so A& A will get along with him really well.

  8. Buddy's Grand life is a real inspirational post!


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