Battle of Chores

We all hate chores, but like all adults we cannot run away from them. We have to behave like dutiful adults but all this pretence definitely gets tiring after a while. I am dropping my guard and ranting about it with passion.

I am bad at doing some stuff around the house and I have to holler for hubs to rescue me from the mess I make. You can call me a nerd, opening a can of soup gives me heart palpitations. Same with pouring stuff like sugar in storage cans. Without fail, every time, I manage to drop half of it on the kitchen counter. Oops Clumsy me.

As a child, I always ran away from chores to be done around the kitchen. It still gives me the heebie jeebies when I have to chop onions. I hate it from the bottom of my heart. My entire day is ruined, the day I cannot rope in hubs to chop them. My eyes are blood shot and I look like someone with a massive hangover.

Give me cleaning the loo any day over ironing. Another dreaded housework. Who likes it anyway? Its pointless...a few minutes after you wear freshly ironed clothes, you ruin them. I can bet, 90% of you think its a waste of time but still keep doing it. I am so thankful for winters, now I can cover up a crushed/crumpled top with a nice jumper and still go to work with my head held high.

Cleaning the loo is like Zen for me. The scrubbing and the mopping really helps me lose any pent up frustration or anger. And the damn thing is done and over with for a week. Plus, the pleasure of using a clean loo is fantastic. I know most of you hate doing it but I say, its your poop and you gotta clean it.

Walking the dog in the Indian Monsoons at night is another yucky chore. I am an ardent dog lover, but believe me its not fun to be sloshing around and getting dragged by the pooch through squishy mud and praying to god that you don't step into any dog poop. Inevitably, my dog used to take his own sweet time to relieve himself and in the whole process I used to start looking like 'something the cat dragged in'.

I don't mind doing the dishes or folding clothes. They get over quickly and you get the satisfaction of finishing up a chore.

I know all of us hate chores and everybody says that as a grown up do your chores with a smile. I prefer to crib and still do them. Gives me a chance to throw out all the negative energy.

Do let me know, which chores you love to hate and which you don't mind doing.


  1. hehe..LP,those are fun chores..if you make a mantra out of them. The mantra' I enjoy what I'm doing and I'm comfy in my little circle'..:)Look forward to the end result-like,a sparkling loo at the end of a clean-up.
    But,the kitchen stuff-sugar falling,soup pouring etc- maybe you just get distracted?I mean,if I can open a can of soup without hassles,anybody can..:)Unless,ohhh-you mean one of those cans without the hook,where you use a can opener??haha-I bet that's what you mean.

  2. Amit: Oh yes, I meant that can opener...and I manage to spill it because of clumsy hands and not because I get distracted..

    Yeah I Know about the mantra...but it is still irritating sometimes to be an adult and do these chores :)

  3. I totaly agree with-'It's ur poop and u gotta clean it' :P
    And i guess i knew ur 'now-diclosed' secrets of u being a perfectionist in Pouring soup or the kitchen chores...BtW i m equally perfect in doing 'em and get to hear Baba's don'ts when i go to do them.

  4. Chores? What chores? You have to do them? :)

  5. Ashish: Welcome to my world of clumsiness. Now you should tell baba that there are more people like you in this world :)

    Anju: heheh good attitude...

  6. Hi LP.. First time here.

    Loved the heebie jeebies reference.. anything Madagascar makes me smile instantly..

    As a guy, strangely, I find onion chopping as a great stressbuster. Getting that perfect thickness is such a high..

    and I hate cleaning the loo.. poop or no poop!

    To each his.her own I guess..

    Nice post, nice blog(don't remember how I landed here though)



  7. Shnatanu : Ooooo I love visitors :) Bhelcum Bhelcum.

    Thanks for your comment. Heheheh love chopping onions....oops.

    Yep to each his own....scrubbing is a stressbuster for me. Do keep visiting.....

  8. Ohhhh Myyyy Godddd. (If you watch Friends, I just said that the way Janice says it).

    Well, I'm SO glad to find someone who doesn't like to do chores :D, esp. someone whose hubs rescues her, as mine does on a regular basis ;). Most women I know act like they are born with the "I love housework" gene, it often makes me wonder.

    Hmmm. Listing chores I don't like would make this a really long one ;) - but the first thing that strikes me is that my condition is exactly opposite yours: I HATE cleaning the loo. And I love ironing. *Chuckle* :D.

    I find ironing therapeutic, yes I do! And yeah, my poop or not, I simply loathe hanging around for too long in the bathroom.

    A couple of other therapeutic chores - washing vessels! And watering the garden. Something else I hate - vacuuming, folding clothes,..the list goes on :D.

  9. Hey Shikha : Yes I love FRIENDS and I know dialogues of almost all episodes by heart.I can actually hear Janice right now.

    I agree most women think accepting what they do not like to do around the house is maha paap.

    You love Ironing? Wanna trade some housework? heheheh as I hate doing the chores you love and vice versa ;)

  10. Oh yeah, trading sounds fun! :D.

    And I know the dialogues by heart too :)... AND can watch the same episode manifold times and still not get tired of it.

  11. shikha : Me too know the dialogues. Especially love the one with Joey's eyebrows....


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