Makeup-Shakeup Hai Rabba

I first heard the word 'makeup' while reading novels. The sentences in the novels 'expertly applied makeup' or 'flawless makeup' always intrigued me. While growing up, my mother had a 'solitary' lipstick, which she promptly forgot to use. That lipstick was used on my elder sister and me as a 'rouge'(hideous blobs of red) to stain our cheeks and also as a lipstick. This was the makeup for the many school plays and dances, in which we participated.

My first brush with actual makeup was, when I saw my eldest sister using a compact, lipstick, kohl pencil and mascara. I was not fascinated by it so much...just thought it as a natural part of being a grown up (I still had some catching up to do). That indifference slowly waned as I grew a bit older and started going to college. That time, my elder sis and I shared whatever bits and pieces of makeup we could buy. We shared our lipsticks and nail polishes. Having a separate arsenal was not viable as makeup was expensive and also it was used only on special occasions.

My makeup regime mostly follows this pattern:

1) Foundation: My flawless skin does not need foundation. Hmpffff.... (Frankly till now I have not been able to figure out which shade to use).

2) Lipstick: Scrunch up your lips and scrub a tube of lipstick around your mouth and hope that the aftermath does not make you look like a circus escapee.

Did u say Lip liner? Huh? What’s that? Aha, the pencil thingy to line your lips, right?
If you have the patience, go ahead. I don't.

Toss the Lip gloss, it makes your lips unnaturally heavy and makes even the flying dust particles stick to your lips.

3) Eyeliner: Close your eyelid, hold up the liner and move it across swiftly across the top lip of the lid. Pray to god, the line is somewhat close to where it is supposed to be and open your eyes.
If you see that you missed the mark at many odd spots then try to repeat the process on the same eye. Yes, you might break out in cold sweat and might start hyperventilating. Cursing at the bad lighting and screaming at the husband will also vent some of the frustration.

If you have missed the mark by a long shot, then its better to go dressed as a punk rocker or Goth. Nothing else will salvage your look.

4) Mascara: Run the mascara brush over your top lashes and lower lashes. If you have been patient and your eyes have not flickered then you have won the battle.

If the whole process makes you look like a druggie or a raccoon in full bloom, you need to scrape of the goop from your eyes and go masacaraless.

5) Rouge: Shudder shudder, a wrong brush stroke and you end up looking like a scary doll. Use it at your own discretion. My rosy cheeks never needed it.

6) Eye shadow: I choose a neutral shade so that any mess I make is not glaringly bad. A ish mash of few colours, applied on your eyelid is all I can manage.

Times have changed now; having your own makeup is no biggie. Women and even some men use makeup as an everyday ritual, just like brushing your teeth. I think it needs practice and patience. The need to look good is the real motivator. There was a time when I could put liner on my eyes in 50 seconds flat. Now, it seems a waste of time. I just put on a lipstick and am all dressed.

What have been your makeup secrets and faux pas?


  1. Interesting post. My mom and sister apply make up well. It accentuates their features so I am familiar with the process.

  2. Thanks Sanand. Hmmm cool tell your wife to share some makeup tips...maybe I will salvage some of mine :P

  3. I have known you as a girl withouot makeup and I dont miss it on you. But honestly something inside me says that you should use it more and should use it more often. On one hand I am thankful that you have a taste for nreutral colors, but on the other hand it seems so... How do I put it?????? Seems so........!
    Colorless nail polish, skin colored lipstick and natural looking eyeshadow.... Whats the point you are trying to make? Good bunch of £s wasted on something that doesnt show!!

  4. I am yet to elarn the art of make up....personally i love myself sans make up.....we are a blessed lot with good skin ;)

    yeah its easy to check base colour rub a little next to your nose, if it blends its your colour!

  5. I am not familiar with the intricacies of make up either. Sometimes I just do some basic foundation, lipstick, mascara and on days I feel brave I put the eyeliner too. People nowadays give so much importance to makeup. I just feel people hide their true faces behind layers of make up. There is so much pressure to look good that if you don't put make up its like committing a crime. In my opinion there is nothing wrong to do makeup but you should also be proud of the way you look and not be afraid to reveal to others the face God has given us.

  6. :) I have always marveled at women who use makeup effortlessly :) Some of the mums at my daughter's school come with perfectly applied makeup looking like they stepped out of a fashion mag :)

    As for me, lipstick is pretty much it. I do buy makeup(in the hope that I will learn to use it ),I have a huge dresser full of stuff I never use :( And then Boots decides to give me some more free, so I add those as well to my collection. I have to give it away or learn to use it :)

  7. Ani:sometimes not overdoing it is better isn't it....?

    Will try harder hubby...heheh

    Malli: Yay thanks malli...will try this trick now :)

    Kavita:Totally agree with you.
    Hmm never thouht that people give so much importance to make up...eeks. Looking good is one thing and becomin a pancake another :)

    Smita:Ohh I do the same thing...I get excited just looking at the beautifully packed makeup and buy it...but hardly ever use it :)

  8. It took me 3 months to master the art of applying the eye liner!!! So for initial months my right eye wud look proper but the left one well!! the less I say the better it is ;-)

    As far as Lipstick is concerned well I do apply it but within half an hour there are no traces of it because I eat it :D

    Cool post, cud relate to it!!!

  9. Even I hvnt been able to choose the right shade of foundation for me :(
    Kohl or kajal is quintessential 4 all indian grls i guess !!!
    I bought my first pack of eye shade last mnth.....I was sum kind of make-up virgin until recently

  10. Smita: Yes the eyeliner is a real bitch....even I face a problem with my left eye....I wish we were ambidextrous :)

    Small talk : Good to see you here. You need to be an expert in these things else you come out looking really horrible. Eyeshadow...ummm great going...all he best with your experimentation.

  11. I am like your mom and have one solitary lipstick which I use on my daughters for their school plays.
    Once I tried to put eye shadow and my lids turned completely blue. I have pictures to prove it. Moreover, my husband refused to recognize me that evening. What a waste.

  12. aparna: oh poor u...and your poor daughter. I hope you don't put those red cirlces on her cheeks.

    Eyeshadow...hmmm go neutral....the mess is never glaringly bad :)

  13. I simply loved dis one...I cannot live without kajal...These days hv become a gr8 fan of blue kajal.... :) N apparently it suits me too wink wink :)

  14. Hey there..:)'Brush with makeup'-whew-what a pun!!!
    me,i think 'natural' is the best makeup..of course,the wrinkly ones wouldn't agree...hehe:)

  15. Shipra :Thanks sweety, Take a pc na with the new kajal...wud love to see it.

    Amit: Cool, I agree...but sometimes u need to be madeup a little to bolster ur confidence.

  16. I agree-that's why even I do go in for the occasional pedicure(Gets rid of all the corns et al I get due to excess walking...LOL)/manicure/facial..:)Makes one feel great.:)

  17. Amit : Ohhhh well the modern man...competing with women. Soon we will have men mascaras and eyeshadows :)

  18. I am poor at it...yet end up doing it well enough at the hour of need (read: the terrible family gathering)...being a cool, khadi top and salwar "Kudi", I like to be a lazy dolt, much to my mother's horror!

  19. hmmm rise up to the occasion...I do that too..

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  22. Found the post very interesting... I for one never understood the need and the art of using makeup. I recently moved to M'bai and realized that I'm from 'Stone Age' :). I am amazed to see people in the local train, at the end of a working day, standing on the footboard and applying makeup and all I can think of is the dirty dishes in the sink that I have to get to when I reach home. Wired differently :):)


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