I could get sued!!!

Gotcha ! I know you are rubbing your hands gleefully right now.

Calm down, the word to remember is 'COULD'.

I am not getting sued by anyone right now, but I might after I become a really famous blogger.

The past few weeks, I have been in cyberspace so much that I have forgotten what life is. I swear, ask hubs. Just today, I was about to throw a vase at him thinking him to be a burglar. It had been so long, I actually had forgotten his face.

Jokes apart. To be a blogger is tough. Everyday you need to think of new posts to torment your readers. You also want them to come back and get tormented over and over again so, you need to be constantly evolving. I started blogging just as a hobby but am now caught hook, line and sinker. Its addictive, because readers like you, motivate me to write.

The world of Blogging is full of bumps, potholes and stop signs. Words like link referrals, tweet backs, SEO and track backs are thrown at you at surprising speed. Most of the time, I am trying to find the meaning of all this. These jargon's make my head spin. Its tough, I tell you.

My first few posts on this blog were read by my friends and they promptly commented on it. They congratulated me on my writing skills. Puffed up by their love, I started writing quite frequently. The comments from friends faded and some posts lay loveless in Blogosphere. I needed to do something, pronto. I started shamelessly advertising my blog posts (I am still doing it...teehee hee). I put it on facebook, orkut, twitter, stumbleupon and whatnot.

I started harassing friends to read my blogposts. Coaxing them to spread the word around (word of mouth -the old fashioned way). If I continue this harassment anymore, I am bound to get sued by one of them.

We are not amused!!!
moar funny pictures

So, dear readers, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my BLOG.

Your tweets errrr... comments makes all these efforts worthwhile.


  1. Hey,LP..always nice to be here and read ur posts..:)So,keep up the good work.
    And,a secret- u want to get more readers, think 'Diwali'...want me to explain?

  2. Amit : Hi Amit...had been missing your comments on the past few posts...was wondering where u disappeared off.

    Yep I know....what you mean :)

  3. Hey Vins,

    Keep writing. You are doing a wonderful job. :)

  4. Thanks sis :) this means a lot.

  5. I love your posts :) I love your sense of humour mostly :)

  6. Smitha: Thanks a ton :) I am all blush blush...heheh


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