Superman needs to go on a diet

Please check out the video below...I got this as a forward from a friend. I died laughing...

A few thoughts came to mind...

1) Why does he look like a bad version of Elvis?

2) What does 'H' stand for?

3) Where are his Red Undies??

4) He does need to go on a diet real fast....stop eating Rice and hogging on Idlis.

5) I simply loved his dance routine.

6) How come Jayaprada could keep a straight face while dancing with that Joker?

Any more thoughts folks....I am so eager to hear your reactions.


  1. Arey! That is NTR! most of his films are quite hilarious!

  2. oh he is a big name down south right ?? I could just recognse Jayaprada...

  3. Hahaha!!That was funny..I remember a Hindi film where there was Superman song..don't remember which one..
    I'm sure this movie was a hit down South,Elvis-lookalike or not...hehe..Don't know answers to ur questions 2 and 3,though I'm sure answer 3 is: they're are the laundry..or,they became too tight for him...:)

  4. hahah Amit....good one....thats quite a possibilty looking at the superman..

  5. This sure is funny! Thank you for reviewing my blog!

  6. Really a thoughtful video ;) lol

    i hope u seen the govinda superman video as well. here it is.

    and - "wat does H stand for?" will haunt many generations to come. :) :)

    hilarious video.

  7. hey Jagjit....thanks for following my blog....
    Yeah I did check that video...was so hilarious....
    and the 'H' factor really remains a mystery....I guess we need to see the movie to find out....


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