Do Indians need Shock Therapy ??

I came back home from work sometime back and found an Indian friend (From Delhi) having a cup of coffee with 'A'. I joined the conversation and we started talking about 'How the Thullas (Policeman) make life miserable for Businessmen in Delhi". How at every junction a person needs to grease the hands right from Policemen Clerks and Bureaucrats to get his work done. Be it a simple a telephone connection or to paying his sales tax.

'Corruption', It has become such a part and parcel of life that we just turn a blind eye towards it. When things come to such a stage when you need to pay money to open the doors of your own shop, then where and when is it going to end???

I had an interesting experience at work today. Our company won a lawsuit with another company and I had called up to enquire about when our payment was to get released.

Imagine this happening in India. I am calling up xyz co and speaking to a babu (Clerk) who works in the accounts Department.

Me: Hello I am calling from ABC Co's accounts department. Just wanted to know whether you have received the court order...

Babu: Kaunsa court case.....??

Me: Case number .......

Babu: Tum logon koi kaam dhande hai ki nahi....nahi dete paisa kya kar loge

Me: Sir I just wanted to know when you will be releasing our payment...?

Babu: Kaunsa paisa kahanka Paisa....Hume koi court order nahi mili ka result abhi aaya hi kahan hai

me: Arre court ka order aa gaya hai...

Babau: Madam aap kaunsi duniya mein hai....India mein itni jaldi koi case ka result aata hai kya...abhi 5-6 saal baad phone karna...

My actual experience went like this

Me: Hello there I am calling from ABC co. Just wanted to know whether you have received the court order.

Accountant : Hello Yes we have received the court order and I have already handed it over to our Finance director.

Me: When can I expect a payment??

Accountant: Our director has already written to the court and the matter is in his hands now.

Me: Please could I get his email address so I can write to him and get a feedback.

Accountant: Sure why not...his email id is.....

Today I did not have to argue or call up numerous times. I got my answers in that one phone call. The accountant never tried to dodge me.

This experience gave a jolt to my thinking and really made me feel aware of how different things could be. We blame it on our culture. We are waiting for someone else to change the way things function. Educated people like us also grease a policeman's hand (When caught without a valid drivers Licence)by paying 50 Rupees to make our life easier. We also have that 'Chalta hai' complacent attitude which needs to be abandoned.

Have we become so immune and apathetic to injustice that we have forgotten how better and easier life can be without corruption. When things will get done not because you had to pay additional money, but since it was your right.

Oh!!!what a wonderful day that will be. To live in such a India!!!


  1. Haha-Aquarius,we still have some way to go before the situation in India becomes so smooth and corruption-free...not to say that other countries don't have corruption..for eg,even here in Dubai,I see it on and off,in public and private sectors..but,the thing is,after paying that money, your work gets done. In India,even after the 'payment', work sometimes doesn't get more than a step forward..right?That's what bugs me.Although,touchwood,Mr. Modi's brought about a lot of positive change in Gujarat's public sector,and it's far more efficient,as well.So,there's always hope,na?

  2. Yeah I guess so!! but after coming here I can feel such a stark difference I get jolted so many times and get pissed of at the corruption in India.


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