Hairy Tales

'A' and I have this long standing tradition of arguing just before I plan to have a haircut. Its a finely tuned ritual with each of us playing our well rehearsed parts.

'A' never wants me to cut my hair and says I look better with long hair. I tend to disagree (Well, what's the fun if you give in). The other reason being I think I look better in shorter hair, younger and also its manageable.

After completing the ritual, I got dressed and left for work, an hour earlier. Being quite impulsive on a lot of things, I can never ever book appointments for any of the beauty regimes. Never did that in India and am not about to change here. So I popped into a swanky looking Hair Salon. After looking at the charges I started praying inwardly ...Please god, please let them not be free for an appointment. The cost of one haircut could feed an entire Indian family for a whole month.

God heard my prayers and I moved on to my ever dependant salon whose charges were decent and did not put me in ' Pounds to Rupees' conversion mode. Thankfully I was the first customer and so the stylist (new country , new name ) as usual asked me what I wanted. I told her to chop off the hair that keeps falling on my eyes and makes it really bugging when you are trying to work. That really brought out a horrified look from her which quickly changed to a look of pity (poor women, completely clueless about fashion.... tch tch ).

I told her to suggest something and she spoke about 'flicks' and 'layers' and other such jargon's which completely muddled me up and I ended up just nodding my head and agreeing to what she said.

After washing my hair their was an elaborate array of clips on my head holding up my hair. The stylist started clipping my wayward strands in to some shape. After that came some 'Mousse' to curl up my hair and then blow dry.

I looked up in the mirror and I liked my look and I bounced off to work with a big smile on my face. All this happened two days ago.

Today after washing my hair I performed the same procedure and to my utter frustration in spite of spending considerable amount in making up those curls my hair is sticking at all odd places and is completely 'uncurlable'...

Why o' why does it always happen that you look great when you step out of a hair salon, but you can never ever do that same magic on your own limp hair??


  1. Hehe-Aquarius-soon,I'll be visiting ur blog every morning to see if I can get my first laugh of the day..:)This hairy story had me grinning away...from the arguments with A to the conversion(And,I always thought the 'into 12'phenomenon was found only here..can imagine how 'into 60 feels'..:)) Good luck at making the best decision for haircuts next time.

  2. hahahh thanks Amit...that is the truth about us Indians...can't help but convert...maybe this phenomenon will wear off after some years

  3. hey aquarius, thnx for ur comment on my blog..cheers!!

  4. i call it the hurricane harriet hair days. when they seem to have a mind of their own. actually my hair is much more opinionated than i am.

    sigh. mousse it and barette it.

  5. I know women and our hair woes!!!

  6. yes this happents with me too:)this time I specifically asked them to tell me the different styles that i can try but like always I end up with a pony tail:d

  7. Yeah...same here....thanks for stopping by keep visiting

  8. Hehe.... hilarious! I thought I was the only one who faced this situation... :|

    Last month, I told the hairdresser to give me a 'crew' but, and guess what, I ended up with a 'crow' cut.


  9. Sauron...yes Ive seen my hubby come from the barber with a different look evertime :).Thanks for your comment

  10. I so understand and I have absolutely curly and unmanageable hair so it gets worse. Going to the salon is such a pain bcas the stylist is just as clueless as me, most of the time!

  11. I've been there and I know exactly what you mean. Its quite embarrassing when you are aware that your hair is looking weird and ppl are looking at you.

  12. I've been there and I know exactly what you mean. Its quite embarrassing when you are aware that your hair is looking weird and ppl are looking at you.


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