Funnily enough

As traditions of weird things happening in my life, I had a hilarious experience today afternoon...

If you have read my blog post 'Me, Myself and Me again'. Point No. 16 in that blog, raised its ugly head yet again. But, being in 'phoren' lands its nature was a bit different.

Lancaster is shedding the blanket of cold and is now welcoming spring with open arms. Today the weather was very pleasant. Bright and sunny with just a tad of chill in the air. I took this opportunity to spend my lunch break in sunshine. There is a small park just walking distance from my office. Check out the picture below:

I was sitting here on the bench in the bottom left hand side of this picture.

I was happily reading a book basking in the wonderful sunshine when a 'firang' chap (decent looking maybe in his 40's) asked me if he could sit on the bench next to me as all others were already occupied. I scooted to the extreme left so he could sit down.

Just out of politeness I made a bit of small talk about the weather and got back to my book. Suddenly this chappie got a burst of enthusiasm and started chatting with me and telling me about his trips to Australia, France, India and Malaysia.

He spoke about 'Varanasi aka Benares, and how he saw a funeral pyre there and how much he loved the experience of travelling in India. I was listening to him politely and all was fine. Then the conversation veered towards the unexpected. Here is how it went

Chappie : I am going to have a bit of alcohol now...
Me: [(Things going around in my brain -TGAIMB )OMG he is going to booze in this park in the middle of the afternoon].
Me: OK then, I got to go back to work as my Lunch Break is nearly over.
Chappie : Oh Please, I won't drink if you are embarrassed
Me: TGAIMB - who gives a help I gotta escape right now.
Me: Anyway I gotta go, it was nice talking to you.
Chappie : Do you come here everyday.
Me: TGAIMB. Oh man!!! I can never come to this park again. WTF??
ME: Sometimes
Chappie : Would you be here tomorrow around 2 o'clock then??
Me: TGAIMB - In your dreams buddy...Piyakkad kahin ka...
Me: Possibly....
Chappie : Well see you tomorrow then..
Me: smiling (as if I've swallowed a centipede...)

I just started walking when he spoke again.

Chappie : Oh by the way....I hope you are not married or anything...

I was about to roll on the floor with laughter....I turned back and gave him a biggggggg smile and said 'Yes I am' and just walked off.

Well, this was another unique experience to add to my list of unique experiences.

Now, I have to be just on the lookout for that guy (Lancaster is a pretty small town) and abandon the idea of going to that park for at least a month or two.


  1. Hilarious.....

    I am just amazed the way you handled the climax... Very classy!!!

    Oh, BTW, you have been getting better and better at writing.... So look forward to your next unique experience..

    p.s.: Would love to meet this guy!!

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. hahaha.. you actually posted it??
    beautifully penned though.. so, when are you giving the guy the link to this ha?? rotflmfao lol foc am i right??

  4. Beta, you are Ms. Popular amongst the hobos now? ;-)

  5. eeeuu...he certainly did not look like a hobo....have to be really careful now...

  6. you should have played along. you should have said - 'no I am not. what about you. let's meet at this coffee shop today evening for coffee...'
    and you shudnt have turned up... :D

  7. hahahahaha want to see you with the centipiede bit!! hahahaha

  8. Hehe...had I been a scriptwriter for this drama...I would have continued as:

    And then...after a couple of days HE met me again...this time in sober condition...too sober to even recognize me or the above incidence...This time he was in the LUMS, seated comfortably in his chair of the course director :)

    BTW, your new blog layout is great! Where did you get it from? Help me find some new blog layout...

  9. hey Kaustubh.....hahahha I know about which person u are talking of....but please not him........

  10. Hi,Aquarius-LOL-nicely handled by you, that time, go at 2 PM,but,with a kid from around in tow,to scare the guy further..hehe!:)

    ROFL-just imagining you having swallowed a centipede...cockroach nahin chalta kya??

  11. ..ah stalkers are fun after a certain age i think

  12. Amit- hehehe koi bhi creepy crawly creature is fine...

  13. Hey Cynic....thats true I hope he left Lancaster for faaaar away places like austrailia :)

  14. he he, this means you are very popular.keep it up

  15. Ashish : eeek I don't want to be popular for drunkards and boozers...give me nice hot guy :)

  16. Ingenious! He suggests a date and brings the alcohol too, that too in a park :-D


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