Coffee on the Canal

Today was a weird weather day. I woke up to snowy showers. By the time I got ready it was sunny. In the afternoon it started snowing heavily again and when I reached home after work it was sunny again. I did not want to miss this first glimpse of the approaching Spring.

I woke 'A' from his deep afternoon-evening siesta and dragged him to a pub which is on a canal at a very picturesque location near our house. I clicked some photos of our coffee date.

Here are a few of them. It was sunny but bitterly cold.....some might call us insane to be sitting out in the cold but it was a marvellous impromptu outing.

The Pub

View across the Canal

'A' all Bundled up.

Delicious Cappucino !!!!

I am wondering who roams topless in this cold :)

On the way to the pub.


  1. Ohhh ..... d pix r awesome vinni...N i loved ya short write up...Pata ni jus cud c dt smile on ya face..... D toothy one like mine.....

  2. awwww how i wish u guys were here...its a fabulous place in summer :)

  3. Hi,Aquarius,that seems like a dream of an after-evening..nice pics.Seems so peaceful and quiet.

  4. Hey Amit....yes Lancaster is a very peaceful town...and beautiful too...if you ever wanna make a trip...ur most welcome.

  5. Hi,Aquarius-I might just take up that invite someday,so beware!!!!!:)(Well,not really-not at present,but,it IS a dream to visit all the Enid Blytonish and Monopoly places someday)

  6. Oh cool ...I will be glad to be a host...and yes its definitely worth a visit

  7. I think the sign is for some sexually overcharged people hahahahahaha


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