The Caption Contest 'You think you are funny?' is back

People who have been reading my blog for many years, are already familiar with the caption contest, "You think you are funny?" which I had started some years back. Due to personal reasons, I was unable to update my blog regularly and had to discontinue the contest. Starting from tomorrow, the contest is back. 

You can hop over to my blog every Wednesday and take part in the contest. 

Anyone who is new to my blog or the contest, please read the following rules:


1) You can send as many entries as you want.
2) Please post your caption in the comment section of this post.
3) The winner will be declared by Monday of the following week.
4) No plagiarism, no racial slurs or insults will be tolerated. That entry will be rejected outright.
5) The decision of the judge (Me) is final :)
6) The winner will receive the Golden Trophy below as a prize, which he/she can proudly display on their websites.

Hope to see you all tomorrow for some funny and hilarious captions. 


  1. That's awesome!! Waiting for your tomorrow's post! :)

  2. That was quick. I though I will start the contest as people had so much fun and so did I :) Hope to see you tomorrow.

  3. themoonstone.wordpress.com12 March 2013 at 17:09

    Interesting.. It is a caption for a photograph ?

  4. yes it can see it in on my blog tomorrow.

  5. Fantastic concept..I love that you're getting back to being crazy! ;)


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