Proud to be a Nagpurian

Nagpurians can be easily identified amongst a group of people, as they stand apart anywhere because of their unique personality. The food, the weather and the attitude makes us what we are and even if we no longer live in Nagpur, it is difficult to shake the Nagpuri out of us.

What makes us unique is our outlook to life and the never say die attitude. You can identify us very easily because of our language, taste in food and how zealously Nagpurians can prove to you that Nagpur is the best city in India.

Here is what makes us asli(true)  Nagpurians

1) The language we speak is like you have never heard anywhere. It is a mixture of Hindi and Marathi, where you will find words such as:

Hou (a combination of ho- yes in Marathi and haan- yes in Hindi).

Sahi (which in Hindi means right) which we use as an exclamation of joy or to say fantastic.

Mahol (in Hindi means atmosphere) again means fantastic or out of this world.

Ek number in Nagpur means very good.

Abey Yaar means what man. Every sentence has to start with "abey".

Words like Kuthe Jaoon Rahaila?  Kai karun Rahaila? (instead of Kuthe Jatois or Kai Kartois) can make a typical Puneri cringe, as we take immense liberties with the Marathi language and have created a dialect that is very typical of Nagpur.

For the women in Nagpur, any shopkeeper, Rickshawala, bhajiwala, postman, milkman, fellow on the road will always be "Bhaiyya" (brother). 

What sounds to others as a gruff and rowdy language, to a Nagpurian, it is sweet nectar which makes his day. The distinct Nagpuri tongue can melt our heart in minutes and we can become friends with a complete stranger when we hear him speak out tongue.

2) The food we like is as hot as the weather. Our love for Saoji cuisine is well known. We can give people from Kolhapur a run for their money, when it comes to hot and spicy food. 

Ask any Nagpurian and he will swear by Savji Mutton and Saoji Chicken after a round of drinks. Tarri Poha  is another dish which is a hot favourite.

When it come to food, how can Oranges be far behind. Nagpur has given the world one of the best varieties of Oranges. This citrus fruit has helped Nagpur to become famous on the world map. No wonder Nagpur is called the Orange city.

We feel that Dinshaws Icecream is the best in the world. Haagen Daz and Ben n Jerry's gaya tel lene. What to say about Haldiram's sweets and Namkeen. For us, making a stop at Haldiram's is as mandatory as going to the temple. The Samosa wala at Telangkhedi and Shanti Bhavan are out of this world. The Paani puri at Gujarat point is to die for and there is nothing like Idli sambar at South Indian Mess. Babbu ki Biryani at Mominpura is another hot favourite of Nagpurians. Bakery products from Ajit Bakery, Harry's Pastry and Cake and Cookies are an integral part of our lives.

3) The weather is another aspect that is discussed with a lot of passion. Come Summer or Winter, the meteorologist in each and every Nagpurian starts predicting the weather with fervour. Nagpurians don't believe in Air Conditioners. If you live in Nagpur, it is mandatory to have air coolers that use water and Khus ki tatti (curtains made from Vertvert). 

The Summers are blazing hot, which naturally makes us hot tempered and we are itching for a fight every chance we get. You will never find a true Nagpurian bow down from a fight. We enjoy a good brawl and love to "Haat Saaf Karna" during a skirmish. We take it as matter of pride to rectify the wrong.

4) Shopping at Dharampeth, Sitabuldi, Mahal and Sadar is like shopping at 5th avenue and Rodeo drive for us. The favourite pastime of the youth of Nagpur is to sit on parked bikes on West High court Road and ogle at every passing girl. They call it "Ladki Taadna" and "Aankh Sekna". LAD college is another hotspot for these young men. 

5) Nagpurians love to celebrate festivals. Be it Holi, Diwali or Ram Navmi, we know how to have a good time. People love gyrating to Sandal dance music. The beat of the dhols and the drums makes every nerve in our body quiver and we unknowingly start dancing.

To be a Nagpurian you have to be born as one. The water, the air and the culture all help to make you a  true Nagpurian. Wherever we go and anywhere we might live, our love for Nagpur is as strong as ever. 

Come to Nagpur as only a Nagpurian can show you how to have the time of your life. 



  1. Awesome. The Nagpuri in me came alive.

  2. Roshan Radhakrishnan19 March 2013 at 21:27

    hehe.. reminded me of memories of my days in Pune... though I can see it doesnt compare to being a Nagpuri, eh ?:D

  3. And to think, all I knew about Nagpur were the oranges!

    Such a refreshing post! Sahi hai.

  4. That was a sahi post ! I had only heard about oranges form Nagpur and of coure the heat ! would love to try the spicy food :P

  5. I had so much fun writing this post Revs. Went back to all those places in Nagpur.

  6. Roshan- Pune is totally another ball game. So different from Nagpur. I love Pune too but of course Nagpur will always be my first love.

  7. Ahh yes everyone thinks only of Oranges. We folks are so much more than that :)

  8. Yes Heat and Nagpur...Nagpur is only famous for those. Now you know something more about Nagpur. Glad you liked it..

  9. Oranges,Oranges.

    To me,certain words sound like Hindi spoken in certain parts of UP

  10. Rachna Srivastava Parmar20 March 2013 at 13:17

    I went to Nagpur on an official tour a long time back. It was hot as hell and I had to roam the streets in the heat. But yes, the Hindi spoken is quite shuddh,and the Marathi is certainly different :). But once you have lived with Mumbai Marathi, all other Marathi seem so refined ;-). Oranges, of course and I loved the spicy food as well. Though wish I had known you back then :). We had even gone to Nagzira during my undergrad days that is close to Nagpur. Ekdum mast post :).

  11. Ekdum Sahi !Ek Number !!Too good Vinita. While reading this post I felit like I had a short trip of Nagpur. I had places n food rolling in front of my eyes.N yes auto wale in Pune n Taxiwalas here are "Bhaiyya" too !Now counting my days to go back to Nagpur ........
    thanks for writing on this topic and reviving my memories

  12. I've never been to Nagpur, but you had me at Hou and Sahi - sounds so Hyderabadi. Most interesting post - the sandal dance was classic. :)

  13. That made for a very interesting read! Have been to Nagpur once for an official meet... didnt get the opportunity to explore the city... just the airport to the hotel and back. But my father used to visit Nagpur for his official trips and I remember he used to get 2 big baskets of oranges! And as kids we would go crazy taking out the juice with the manual small plastic juicer!

  14. i was planning to bookmark this page so that if i get a chance to visit Nagpur, i try all those dishes you mentioned. but got scared when i reached point 3 where you described how you guys love to fight.

    had a good laugh! loved that video! an awesome post :)

  15. Oh really? Didn't know that. Well Oranges have been the trademark of Nagpur.

  16. Thanks Rachna :) If you happen to come to can still taste Saoji food. A few restaurants have sprung up here. Nagpur definitely is very warm but winters are also quite chilly.

  17. Hou definitely sounds Hyderabadi..but we don't have that accent which Hyderabadi's have. Yes Sandal dance is a lot of fun..

  18. Awww that's a shame. It is a beautiful city. The oranges are wonderful. We also made orange juice in a similar way.

  19. Thanks Debajyoti :) Oh Cmon...we are not so is just that we don't run away from a fight...not that we keep fighting. You should visit is a lovely place.

  20. I want to visit Nagpur right now!! Well written Sis.

    - Anjali

  21. One lone visit to a Nagpuri marriage is about my experience of Nagpur. Don't dare say more - that love for a fight scared me off too :)

  22. Sis somehow I am not able to see your comment here..but it is there in my blog page. Thanks..I am glad you liked it.

  23. ohh you missed so much have to make a visit to Nagpur. heheh didn't know that you did not like "Haath saaf karna".

  24. I don't know about the other stuff you have mentioned, but oranges . . . WOW is not the word. Nagpur oranges are the best in the world. Haldirams - Yes but these days the fad of eating healthy and all stops me from indugence of Haldirams.

    And as I mentioned elsewhere, my mom was born in Nagpur, hence the place is always special.

    Joy always,

  25. Oh yes I am also a huge fan of Oranges. Nice to know that your mom was born in Nagpur :)


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