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Facebook has actually been a boon in disguise, where I was able reconnect with old friends and connect with like minded people through various groups. I have always been fascinated and in awe of people who are extremely talented and have the courage to start their own venture. They are just like me who started of with absolutely nothing and have slowly built up their business by hard work and determination.

 Today, I would like to introduce you to a wonderful artist and an entrepreneur, who creates magic with colours. Surabhi Mehrotra is the owner of "Surabhi ka Pitara", an online store for hand painted products. She lovingly crafts products using her own creativity and has a variety of products for everyone. I met her through Facebook, on of the groups and have always marvelled at her use of colours to create wonderful products.

I had the opportunity to get to know Surabhi and understand her passion for colours and painting.

Hand Painted Mug

How did you start "Surabhi ka Pitara?

Surabhi: The venture "Surabhi ka Pitara" was a natural next step for me, as I have always been dabbling in drawing and painting, since I was small. I knew that people liked my work and appreciated it, after I had five completely sold out exhibitions of hand painted sarees and dupattas. I took a sabbatical of two years after my marriage and was itching to do something different, when by chance a friend wanted me to hand paint a dinner set she had bought. This incident gave me the boost to start my own business.

Did you undergo any formal training?
Madhubani design on a Sari

Surabhi: Though I have completed a Postgraduate course in Textile designing and Painting, I always had a natural affinity towards colours. I have also completed my MBA and have worked as a Textile designer in a company called "Velveleen", where I worked for 5 years and handled their design development , sampling & international marketing department. 

When did you start Surabhi ka Pitara?

I started it in the year 2011.

What inspires you?

Colours inspire me. They help me to relax and I love playing around with colours and designs. I loved colours from my childhood. Nature and even people inspire me.

Name Board

What type of products do you create?

I create and sell a variety of products and have a wide range of kids products for decorating their room, as there are not many places that sell these products.

I also make customised products for clients who want something specific.

I make hand painted 

1) Mugs
2) Paintings for Kids
3) Home decor products
4) Sarees, dupattas and kurtis
5) Furniture (Laptop tables, chaurangi)

You give me any surface and I can paint on it.

Where do you sell your products?

My business started with word of mouth publicity. Later, I started a Facebook page and many people got in touch with me through that. Many online stores also contacted me asking me   sell the products through them.

You can buy my products through the following links:

I want to sell my products all over India and abroad.

It was lovely talking to such an inspiring artist. Folks, all those who want to buy these wonderful products, get in touch with Surabhi. All her stuff is super cute and of really high quality, as it is not factory manufactured. Each and every product is lovingly hand crafted by her. Hop on to "Pitara" on Facebook and check out the whole range. You can also contact her at pitarainfo@gmail.com


  1. Wow! Surbhi, you are such a gifted and talented artist! Absolutely loved seeing your painted stuff... very impressive. Thanks V for introducing Surbhi ka Pitara to us! :)

  2. manuprakashtyagi4 March 2013 at 18:10

    wow . great job

  3. Beautiful artwork! Loved the colorful pics :)


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