Google Reader is dying, how does it affect bloggers like us?

All of you must have heard the news that Google is phasing out Google Reader by July. When I heard the news, I was a bit worried as it meant that I will lose out out on reading blogs that I follow very diligently.
                                                        RIP Google Reader
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After checking online for various options to Google Reader, I finally signed up with Feedly. All of you who want to move from Google reader to Feedly , you can find the guidelines here. To know about various options for Google Reader, go to Mashable website

Since I use Chrome as my browser, I just had to add the Feedly plugin for Google Chrome and all the feeds that I follow were smoothly transferred from Google Reader to Feedly. No fuss, no mess. It does take time to get used to the layout of Feedly, but am quickly catching on.

With Google Reader dying, I am also worried about the readership of my blog (I know the numbers  are not huge). All those wonderful people out there, who read my blog through Google Reader will not  get the content I generate in the future.

I checked my feedburner account and found out that most of my readers read my blog through Google Reader. This means that there are chances of my readership going down once Google Reader is phased out, unless of course my readers either subscribe to my blog through email or transition from Google Reader to another RSS feed reader.

All you readers mean a world to me, I write because you read me.
Why not subscribe to my blog through email? 

Just type in your email address and press the subscribe button. To activate the subscription, you have to go the inbox and click on the link sent to you on your email id. That's it. Don't forget to do the second part.

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Not only will you get my blog updates directly to your email, you can easily share the posts you like with your friends. 

What does Google Reader dying mean to you as a blogger and a reader?

Will you switch to a new reader or prefer email subscriptions?

Do you think Google reader dying will affect your blog readership?


  1. I also downloaded Feedly yesterday. It looks cool and there was a smooth transition of my Google Reader blogs to Feedly. Since I am used to the layout of Google Reader so it may take a short while to get comfortable with this new Reader.
    I have subscribed a few blogs through emails but I rarely read them through emails as I read these blogs in Reader. Emails just act as an alert to me for the new blog posts.
    I guess, the committed bloggers and readers will move to the new Readers before the Google Reader expires so guess, the readership should not be affected.
    Somebody also suggested

  2. Roshan Radhakrishnan15 March 2013 at 21:49

    As Shilpa mentioned, I too moved over to Feedly just a few hours back.. smooth transition. But yes, it is mind boggling what Google has done.. cant believe that there is such a major loss that you would have to cut it out entirely

  3. Rachna Srivastava Parmar16 March 2013 at 10:46

    I also moved to feedly. Most times I prefer getting posts by emails or getting pings by social media. I only go to the reader rarely. But those who diligently rely on Google Reader will be hurt. Though there are multiple options that one may switch to easily. I also heard that feedburner may also go next.

  4. I like them on email as it is easier to read the post without distraction. Many blogs I follow on Reader too. What is wrong with google..not feedburner..uff

  5. I guess Reader must be facing losses since social media has been booming, we get so many links via social media now.

  6. Feedly is nice but a bit confusing. I read many blogs through email as I feel there is less distraction. Also it becomes easier to forward the post to people on your friends list.

  7. I use Bloglovin'. I just never used the reader.

  8. That is great..moving from Reader to feedly is a bit taxing.


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