SNAFU, Here is a crazy ass word for you. In short, 'I royally f***** up'.

Remember this?

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I am not in a much better state at the moment. Both my eyebrows now look as if they are running scared from each other. 

I am in a 'Joey' moment and AM not liking it a bit. 
Call me a lazy bum....I deserve it, for not getting up and plucking my eyebrows under better light. 

I have scant hair in my eyebrows and so missing a few hair at odd spots really makes me look scary, maybe I will get a job to scare the pants off little pesky kids, bwahhhha

Or I can join eyebrow thingy was quite hot last year and I can start a new trend all together.

I usually pluck errant hair around my eyebrows and chop off the too long ones to bring them into shape. It was easier and cheaper in India, where you just hop into a salon and get them threaded by a beautician.

Lancaster does not have any salons that provide this service and even if they did, I am too much of cheapskate to spend precious moolah on it. 

So, I did what I usually do...I sat in front of the television with my beauty kit and started weeding away. The light was insufficient, but I with the usual over-confidence marched on to beautify my cranium. I plucked a few from the left one and then moved to the right eyebrow and shaped it with a too much enthusiasm and forgot to check back the status of the left one and crapstatic....I look WEIRD!

The end result is I, now have one eyebrow which looks like a fat caterpillar and the other on starvation diet. 

Not the eyebrows.

Check on me in a decade or two, I am hiding behind a veil till they grow back.

Till then, enjoy this


  1. hehehehehe, good one girl..
    And tell me about it, it happens all the time with me, I even try n cut my hair at home, too cheap I know..

  2. Arre,u should ask hubby to do,since you've praised your talent so much, we need a pic-of just the eyebrows,if u wish..:)
    BTW,u know,I once asked the barber,nee,hair stylist to 'streamline' my eyebrows..and,the guy cut a long thread,crossed it or something,went 'twang' at each eyebrow...Maybe he was just showing just needs a good scissors to trim them,usually..haha.

  3. Ha! I just blogged about my eyebrow. I won't be posting it til later in the week though.


  4. Ha! Ha!! Vins, we need to see the pics. Even just the eyebrows would do. I can just imagine. Hey, remember those thick but sparse eyebrows you sported in school? ;)

  5. Shweta : Welcome to cheapskate club :)

    Amit: I am not letting hubs come near my eyebrows, no way.

    OMG you got your eyebrows threaded? my, my aren't we sooo metrosexual :P

    Quirky : Thanks :) waiting for your post. And OMG you write your posts in advance?

    Jagjit: Hey dude, you have been missed...thanks

    Anju: No way, am not gonna put up a pic. And my eyebrows were like that, thanks to my genes :P

  6. The first time I got my eyebrows waxed (I was channeling Brooke Shields at the time), the lady at the salon used the wax on the top of my eyebrows (a no-no I did not yet know). I looked like a Klingon from Star Trek, The Next Generation, with a nasty red ridge on my forehead. The rest of the eyebrows looked damn good though!

  7. Oh my...waxing eyebrows? must be so painful....
    Klingon?? hehehe you should blog about it...
    Threading also does that to you. if you have sensitive skin.

    Good to see you here :)

  8. That's called threading? Well,that was the only time- from then on,I only sit with his assistant, and ask him to use the scissors to trim the eyebrows..:)

  9. Yeah Amit, its called threading and I wonder how you did not jump and run off...threading pains like hell ouchhhh

  10. haha Funny post,the images are really should create an emoticon for this
    |:) i'm pleased with my eyebrows...

  11. The analyst: good idea with the emotion thingy :)
    Thanks dear :)

  12. @lazy pineapple
    Even my blog is somewhat satirical do visit it sometimes. The url being

  13. Thanks 'The Analyst'...will surely check it out.

  14. Thanks 'The Analyst'...will surely check it out.

  15. i remember this one from friends and Chandler fixes it.. :)'s real hard to look good and maintain it......i know nothing about this....eyebrows......well it would be the last thing in the world to come to my mind.....

  16. umashankar pandey2 April 2013 at 08:09

    I love that word 'snafu'! You'd have surely done a great job if you say that.


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