A Happiness Day

                     It is my Happy Birthday tomorrow

This will echo in my head throughout the day

I will wait patiently for my cake

funny pictures of dogs with captions

I will make my wishes


At the end of the day


  1. Eheyyyy..I already wished you on gtalk...and,here goes,again"Wishing you a Very Very Happy Birthday and many more to come...have a dazzling,scintillating day."...etc..etc...etc...:):):)

  2. Forgive my ignorance, I don't know how many hours ahead you are of me here in Arizona, but I'm thinkin' it's your b-day already!

    So Happy Happy Birthday!

    I'm so glad you mentioned cake! A birthday is NOT a birthday without cake!

    Mmm cake.

    I do hope you have a glorious and wonderful day!

  3. Happy Birthday..Vinita... :)) Enjoy your yummy cake day...

  4. Am sure it is your brithday already :)

    So here is wishing you a great Birthda & happiness all the year round :)

  5. Amit : Thanks a lot again for your wishes.

    Quirky : A birthday without a cake is preposterous :P . I am all for the cake....Thank you for your wishes.

    Aditi : Thanks Aditi :) yes I am going to stuff myself with cake.

    Smita : Thanks :) for your wonderful wishes....

  6. Hey happy bday to you!! :) have a lovely day!

  7. Best wishes for your special day,may your loved ones make it more special for you by being with you to celebrate and share the joy!

  8. Wish you many many Happy Returns of the Day! (Although its Belated) I hope you had lot of fun. Do let us know how was your day.

  9. Doli: Thanks a lot for your wishes :)

    Sanand : wonderful wishes, Thank you so much :)

    Kavita : Nah its still 1st here :) thanks a ton for your wishes :)

  10. Follow-up post needed...how was the bday celebrated????????A movie, dancing,bday cake, candlelight dinner....

  11. Amit : heehe, yes will write a post on that soon :) I had a great day....

  12. Belated birthday wishes! Hope you had a great day :)

  13. Very happy budday. Hope you had a fantastic day!

  14. haha - happy very belated birthday! Love the lolcats picks and the stuck on birthday song sketch!

  15. thanks Anju :) for a minute I thought it was my sister. Welcome to my blog.....

  16. wishing you a very happy n fun filled birthday ever girl...
    Have a gr8 year ahead!!!

  17. Wish you many many Happy Returns of the Day! (Although its Belated) I hope you had lot of fun. Do let us know how was your day.

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