More Things that made me go, Huh?

I feel, I have been living under a rock somewhere. Today, my usual Blog surfing unearthed a lot of interesting things which definitely made me go, Huh!

I do like experimenting with different products but some things I discovered hit me smack on my head and made my eyes pop out of my skull. Call me old fashioned if you want.

All of us have heard of the infamous 'PMS'. Yes, the same one. It is that time of the month when most women go on a rampage. I do too. Hubs knows better than to mess with me as I walk around the house like a three headed monster spewing flames out of my mouth. He keeps the knives hidden and the scissors stashed away some place safe, wearing a Kevlar vest and a helmet all the time.

1) For those WOMEN friends, who forget their dates: Here is something to help you....presenting iPeriod. You can customize it and also can track your mood.

Image Courtesy:

Isn't it great? I am totally buying this application. Apple here I come.

2) Menstrual Cup: This product surely gave me a shock. I have never seen or read about one earlier. This is going to be a cause of many a nightmares. As of now, I am giving up coffee...for that matter anything served in a cup. Interested parties may click thisthis or this link for more information. I am too shaken up to do a review of this product.

3) 'Twilight' Mania gone berserk: Poor Poor 'Rob Pattinson'. Though I personally hated 'Twilight', I did find these panties hilarious. They were created as a joke and were not mass produced. Read more on their website.

Image courtesy: Twitarded.

4) Environment friendly periods: Looks like cloth pads are back in fashion. The West is slowly acknowledging and accepting things which are still in vogue in India. Be it cloth bags for shopping, using compost as fertilizer or using cloth as sanitary pads. Here are some cute samples of cloth pads.

5) This is a fair warning to all men. Follow these rules and you will be happy with your women partners, friends and your wives.

PMS Pictures, Images and Photos

P.S: There has been no intention to 'creep out' readers. It was just a web trolling session which brought these interesting things to light. 


  1. hahahaahahah I really need the Iperiod.....and would love the R-Pat chaddis!!!! Love him!!!

  2. Very funny. Good list of products. Ha! Ha!!

  3. Tee hee. I have actually seen those cloth pads before. Now when they make some with some cute cross/skullbones then I'll be ALL over that!

    But wait...I'm in menopause.

    Drat! Figures they would come out with something so cool AFTER I don't need them anymore.


    hee hee

  4. Malli: I find them...I buy them for your happy bday :P

    Anju: Thanks sis :)

    Quirky : I know...such cute patterns....well you can always use them as Birthday decorations :) or give them as gifts.

  5. lololol!!!!

    Those clothe pads are so cute!!! They are somehow reminding me of booties bole to clothes waale shoes ;-)

    Happy trolling :D

  6. loved the 5th one...Especially the PMS stands for POTENTIAL MURDER SUSPECT!!

    That menstrual cup thingie would keep me away from cups for a lonng looong time i bet ;)

  7. where exactly do you trol on the web?? :D

    i mean to say what exactly do you type in your search engine? how do you find all this???

    it was simply hilarious, esp. "have some wine"..

  8. Smita : Aren't they cute ? :) Thanks

    Nish: Glad you liked my findings :) and sorry about making you hate the CUP....

    Pooja: hehehhe I just start reading one blog after the other and keep following links and somehow I landed with these gems. Glad you like them :)

    Happy trolling to you too...try it...its a lot of fun

  9. LOL-well,my motto is'Silence Is Golden'..:)Another is: 'Peace is bliss'...want me to go on?hehehehe!!:)

  10. In short,we wouldn't need these products,just in case u didn't understand..:)

  11. Interesting... way too much information in a creepy sort of way, but interesting and love the iPeriod!!!

  12. Amit: I know what you meant...but the 5th one is definitely for you Men :)

    Brahm: I know...heheh it was creepy...but women loved it....I too loved the iPeriod...

  13. First, I know this was meant to me a funny, post so I don't mean to spoil your fun, just giving an honest opinion!
    Funny compilation. I think iPeriod can be really useful. But then again, the simple calendar application usually serves the purpose!
    For Menstrual Cups, I have heard & researched them, & though it may seem creepy/scary at first, I really liked the idea. It is cost effective & eco friendly (eco friendly always brings in the brownie points from me!)
    About the Rob Pattinson undies, BLUEUG! I hate Twilight.
    The cloth pads, I've read about them too. They are eco friendly & reusable & colorful! Obviously they won't soak & they might be an odor problem so I would never use them. But I appreciate women in the west who do.
    And the last one, I don't know whether to get angry or laugh!

  14. hmmm it was definitely meant to be funny....

    Eco friendly is definitely a good way to go....I agree. But the menstrual cup thingy was weird for me even if it was eco friendly....Would ratther use the cloth pads...and they are cute too..

    All this was meant to be funny....since this is mainly a humor blog..thanks for your comment :)

  15. Point 5?haha-silence is golden,again..for eg,point 1(for men): Don't ask'what's for dinner?'--go to kitchen, check and serve ur plate urself..if u're not going out, of course.:)
    I did wonder,though,whether u reproduced the 'Safest' part specially for Aniruddha?hehehe..just kidding..but,I'm sure he's got the hint.:)
    Lastly,seeing the '13 things', reminded me of a somewhat crude joke:
    Q:Why did they call it PMS?
    A:Mad Cow Disease was already taken.
    *smile please*

  16. Amit : Oh plzz old fashioned men i.e. who want their wife to wait hand and foot do ask these questions.

    The picture, I did not make it...but yes it does apply to all Hubbies ;)

    I have read that joke and it is really crude...

  17. ahhm ahhm- all I can say...i got a long way to go. and thanks for the comment and also joining my blog.


  18. ahhm ahhm- all I can say...i got a long way to go. and thanks for the comment and also joining my blog.


  19. I was feeling down all day but your blog made me laugh, especially the Rpattz undies and "Hormone Hostage." Thanks! :-)

  20. Wanderer: You are most welcome :)

    Anonymous: Hey you should leave your name....Thanks for your comment I am glad I was able to cheer you up :)

  21. :) that sure was a great post!

  22. Aaah, so funny! I particularly liked the Hormone Hostage.

    Disclosure: I'm the new owner of the Moon Pads business mentioned in this blog - I've taken the Skull and Crossbones suggestion on board :) You might be surprised at how mainstream cloth pads and cups have become. It's just women don't tend to talk about this subject so much ...

    I'm not endorsing the products I sell, just sharing my experiences, I hope that's OK?

    I use a menstrual cup - after initially saying 'Eeeeeew' and 'What The!!?' when I saw one. They do seem a bit confronting at first! But I was a convert once I got my head around the fact that they're just like tampons except they collect instead of absorbing, you only need to empty it a couple of times and day and can wear it overnight. Yay! And 'up yours' to sanitary pad manufacturers.

    BTW cloth pads are not really a primitive option. They just get soaked in a small bucket after use, rinsed and go into the normal wash like any other laundry. No smell - the smell most women associate with their periods comes from the blood reacting with dioxins and other chemicals in disposables.

    That's all. I just wanted to drop in my viewpoint. Each to their own, etc.

    I'm off to get that iPeriod app - awesome post, Lazy Pineapple.

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