Bond of Friendship

There was a sudden gush of tears in Mita’s eyes. People were whispering and looking at her with pity. She tried to put up a brave face and gave a weak smile. Her mind was trying to escape but her feet were rooted to the ground. Suddenly, she felt a hand on her shoulder and found that her best friend Asha was trying to comfort her. 

Mita had come for the baby shower of her cousin. She wanted to share her cousin’s happiness but as always her presence was not appreciated on such a happy occasion.

Her Maushi (Maternal Aunt): “Mita you need not have come, after all what you will do here?”
A cousin Aaji (Grandma): “It is inauspicious for a barren woman to attend such a ceremony. It is not good for the unborn child. How can you be so selfish?”

Another Kaku (Aunt): Beta, It is better that you leave early. I hope you understand.

Mita just nodded her head. She was not able to breathe and wanted to rush back home. Her friend Asha quickly took charge and took her home. 

Asha and Mita were best friends since school. Over the years they became more like sisters. Sharing their dreams, feelings and fears had brought them still closer. Asha understood the pain her friend was going through. She was also angry at the society for treating her friend with such cruelty. She wanted to lash out at those people and at the same time protect her friend. Asha and her husband Ravi and their two daughters were like a family to Mita and Girish. 

Mita had faced this situation on number of occasions but lately, it was getting harder and harder to ignore such pointed comments from her own family. Every time she saw mothers with little children, her arms ached to hold her own child. When her own sister spoke about her children she secretly became jealous of her sister. 

 Mita and her husband Girish were college sweethearts and were happily married for nearly a decade. When they were newly married Mita was teased by relatives and friends about when they planned to have a child. She always responded by a smile and a twinkle in her eyes. Three years after their marriage they decided to start a family. They consulted a fertility expert after trying to conceive for more than a year. Both were healthy and thought these were just initial hiccups and that things will soon fall in place. The doctor did not find anything wrong with their medical reports and termed it as unexplained infertility. He asked them to try IVF.

Mita was a little hesitant at first but she soon agreed to it. The IVF failed. They tried two more times and the result was still negative. The emotional stress and the medicines were taking a toll on her sanity. The waiting, praying and hoping for a little life to kick in her useless womb nearly drove both of them over the edge. They decided not to do it anymore. Mita finally resigned to her fate, but every time she looked at small kids her heart dropped like a rock.  She was destined to be childless and she accepted it.

Mita realised she had been lost in thoughts and was brought back to the present when she found a small bundle in her hands. She looked at the bundle and tears started pouring down her eyes. The sweet sound of the whimpering baby in her hands was music to her ears. Her heart was overcome with emotions. 

She looked at her best friend Asha smiling at her from the hospital bed. Their bond of friendship had transcended boundaries. Asha and Ravi had given them the gift of life. The baby girl was going to be a part of Mita and Girish. They decided to name her ‘Mytri’ (Friendship).

P.S: This post is a work of fiction. I have used some background from a true story as narrated by a friend. The stigma related to being childless still resides in the Indian community. It is time people accepted it and stopped harassing childless couples.


  1. Very beautifully written sis.
    It is a shame that in this day and age clueless people exist who consider it "inauspicious" to have childless women around for occasions like baby shower.
    Good job on the story. :)

  2. Very touching story......
    It is sad that such people exist in today's age. I think it is very insensitive and cruel of people to treat someone like that. I would also like to point out that the same treatment goes to someone who lost their husband. Sadly, most of them who think that it is "inauspicious" to have someone who has lost their husband or who does not have children are women themselves. I get very angry at people who think like that and cannot understand why it is so hard for them to show some compassion towards a person who is already going through a lot.

  3. Forgive my ignorance, but is adoption looked down upon also?

    Just wondering.

    Nice story, very touching.

  4. Nice story.. very touching indeed...

  5. lovely well written story!!!! but seriously what all ladies go thru! I wonder why are men not subjected to same partiality when the fault lies in them!

  6. Very well written, can't stop thinking about asha and her sacrifice.

  7. Anju: Thanks sis :) It does happen in India. People are weird and insensitive.

    Kavita: Thanks :) yes widows are shunned down too...and men think they are an easy catch which is so awful. People are so judgemental and they forget to look at their own deeds.

    Quirky: No adoption is not looked down upon. People have started accepting it. I have not mentioned this in my story not because I do not believe in it but because I did not want to complicate the story with too many factors. Few people I know have adopted kids and am so happy for them. Thanks for liking my first shot at fiction :)

    Aditi: Thanks dear :)

    Smita: Thanks :)
    Our society is still male dominated and such stigmas are fuelled by women themselves. Somehow not having a child does not make a woman complete...that is the usual attitude.

    Ashish : Thanks:) Asha's sacrifice was all for her friend and that is the bond of their Friendship.If you observe the Names- Asha -Ray of hope. Mytri-Friendship.

    Mihir: Thanks :) I have answered your question too.

  8. Very nice- didn't know u can write short stories..and, with a 'happily ever after'ending..:)

  9. Very touchy and nicely written story.

    Though i felt a little bit objection in my mind against the word "useless womb" but then yes, that is how Mita will feel while being disappointed and longing for a child :)

    Keep it up :)

  10. Lovely story. Just discovered you through Studio 30. What fun to discover a great new blog.

  11. Very relevant topic handled in an engaging style. You could have just presented the facts and the numbers and it wouldn't have drawn people in at a personal level. Very nicely done and looking forward to reading more.

  12. Nice story....people can be insensitive and cruel more often than not....but then thats what differentiates you from them.

  13. that was a beautiful story... the emptions so delicately handled :)

  14. Lovely story! I was very touched at the end!

  15. Poignant and touching . I know this is a reality with many people in our society,yet even when we start a futuristic decade, some of our age old belief system never goes away.

  16. Amit: Even I did not Know :) this is my first shot at fiction.

    Lopa: Thanks :) This is how Mita felt because of the pressure from society (The useless Womb).

    IJW: Thanks :) Blush....

    Anirban: Giving numbers and facts would have been too clinical. Infertility is still a stigma just like being a widow.

    Pallavi : Thanks...Yes people are insensitive and especially women. I don't think Men will ever make such remarks.

    Rajlakshmi: Thanks dear :)

    Doli: Thanks :) Had been missing your comments in some of my posts...glad to see you back.

    Gyanban: Tell me about it. Do you remember 'sati'....that was way too creepy.

  17. this was really good......this is my first time here......hope to be here for more.....

    this is one of those bad things in the society i wish could be thrown ASAP.......i really hope this is just fiction and somebody not going through the same.....though the end is happy....but i still wouldn't like to see someone going through the pain Mita and Girish gone through .........

    really good words use in the post...


  18. Heart touching story and nice read! and asha ravi is really great if story is not the work of ficiton ;)

  19. Hitesh : Welcome :) Yes it is fiction. But women do go through it...and it is mainly at the hands of other women. Just like dowry.
    There are countless couples who go through this pain and suffering.

    Manjunath: It is a work of Fiction...but it is not too far away from the truth....In real life people do go through this experience.

  20. wow! really written well and very emotional ....

  21. Poignant and touching . I know this is a reality with many people in our society,yet even when we start a futuristic decade, some of our age old belief system never goes away.


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