Winner of Caption Contest ‘You think you are funny?’ 4.0

Thank you for your entries to the contest. All the entries were hilarious.

There are two winners for the fourth edition

Wannabauthor :Petrol-station attendant: Wow,this is weird.I thought I had seen it all in this job, but I guess not....(Donkey snorts)

Mr. Stupid: The Donkey 300. Comes with an Impressive Mileage and a good Top Speed. Though, it kicks on being upset!


I am so pleased to give away this Trophy. Well done.

Thank you all for Participating and hope to see you again in the next round of caption Contest on Wednesday.

P.S: Winners please drop me a mail so that I can send you the trophy.


  1. I have been missing a lot of fun and action here while busy with my exams.. anyway I done with it and have done good. Now back to fun with blogs...

  2. congratulations to the winners!

  3. Hi, well-chosen. Personally i had also liked "Dil aa gaya gadhe par..."

    ANyway keep up the fun!

  4. congrats to winners
    nice pic

  5. Wow. Thanks a bunch. BTW, I liked Wannabauthor's caption. That picture still has me laughing.

  6. I wonder who clicked this.

  7. Nice!!!....inspired me to participate in ur next caption contest!!! :)

  8. Thanks LP for the wonderful trophy.I have adorned it on my newly created Awards page :D Congrats Mr.Stupid and thank u readers for the wishes ...

  9. Heyy,congrats to the winners-I had a good laugh reading both the captions.:)

  10. hahaha I liked both the captions ..but i guess LP must have had lot more fun reading all the possible entries

  11. Very funny. I had a hearty laugh.


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